Porto de Galinhas in Brazil

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Porto de Galinhas became one of the most coveted tourist destinations in Brazil, is located 60 km from Recife, in the municipality of Ipojuca. The landscapes of his ten paradise beaches and sunshine of this year, makes this an ideal destination for those wanting to relax or practice sports like diving and surfing.

The beaches of Porto de Galinhas is a picture of calm, clear waters, coconut trees and fine sand and clear. The formation of pools on the beach is the best choice for a calm sea bathing, especially for children, with the different species seen in the water with colorful fish.

Fans of sports like surfing, windsurfing and diving are also perfect places there. The beaches of Muro Alto, Cupe, Maracaípe and the island of Santo Aleixo offer the best options, with their strong and high waves. Another attraction in Porto de Galinhas are mangroves, which represent nearly 60 kilometers of vegetation on the beaches of Pontal Maracaípe and Cambodia.

The visits can be made by the mangroves on foot or in kayaks and boats of local guides. Here you can see species such as crabs, oysters, aratus and guaiamus. See the giant baobab (tree). It is a tree with more than 400 years, located in the district of Nossa Senhora do Ó. The baobab was planted by the slaves and its trunk is so large that 20 people are needed to achieve adoption.

From September to March to reach the stars Porto de Galinhas turtles, these species come to the region for spawning and nesting sites are among the region of Pontal beach and Maracaípe Muro Alto. In each nest was deposited about 120 eggs and the birth is at night.

In addition to the attractions of the day, Porto de Galinhas is pure charm during the night. One of the most visited places is the village of All Saints, an important food in the beach Maracaípe. Here are the best options for those who do not let good food. A tip is to dance clubs and bars of Porto de Galinhas, which usually have live bands playing. In Porto de Galinhas there are many shops selling handicrafts made in the region. The materials used are typically the northeast and represent the culture of the people of Pernambuco.

How to get there?
By car:
In Recife, the BR-101 south, to Cape San Agustin, and then pick up the EP-060 Ipojuca, PE-038 at Our Lady of O and its natural extension, the EP-096, to the village.

By bus:
The company operates a cruise line bus to Recife and Porto de Galinhas, also passes through the towns and beaches along the way. The trip takes approximately 2 hours

By plane:
Airport Porto de Galinhas Recife International is located 70 km.

Can enjoy its many restaurants, many of them along the beach. Their fresh fish and its variety of dishes such as oysters, lobsters and especially the shrimp, where you’ll be amazed to discover its many recipes to enjoy.

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