Places to visit in Panama

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Panama is a cosmopolitan center where you can enjoy all kinds of amenities and has an advanced infrastructure. Panama City is located on the Gulf of Panama in the Pacific Ocean, east of the mouth of the Panama Canal.

Panama city from the sky

Photography by dsasso

Panama is an amazing city for its cultural diversity, scenic, historical, tourist, sport and strategic position. The latter result should be a lot of historical and economic factors, since the discovery of the Pacific Ocean by Balboa Basque until the construction of the Panama Canal, engineering work is unique in the world that links the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean only 80 km.

Considered «Las Vegas» in Central America, Panama offers a unique nightlife where casinos, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs team up to provide something different every day of the week.

Places to visit:

Avenida Balboa:

Balboa Avenue is the largest and widest street in Panama City.

Calzada de Amador:

The Amador Causeway is a strip of land that connects three small islands (Naos, Perico and Flamenco) from the Bay of Panama to the mainland of the country. And although in principle had other functions, is now one of the must see places for tourists. Enjoy panoramic views of the city from the bay which is commonly compared to that of Manhattan, New York. The Amador Causeway is one of the most preferred tourist sites for all Panamanians and the increasing number of tourists visiting Panama have adopted it as a place for healthy recreation as running, cycling, reading, etc.

Metropolitan Natural Park:

This park is a reserve of 2,650 square kilometers of tropical forest within the boundaries of the metropolis. The hiking trails meander under a blanket of leaves, there are hundreds of species of birds and sloths, iguanas, anteaters, and servants.

Bridge of the Americas:

This bridge is located in Panama City, is a vehicular bridge (viaduct) was opened in 1962 and built by the United States crosses the Panama Canal. It has a cantilever design arch and 1655 meters. The Bridge of the Americas is on the canal and it can be seen from the viewpoint of the Americas. This viewpoint was redesigned by the Chinese community in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of its presence in Panama.

Panama Canal

Photography by lyng883

New Centennial Bridge:

The bridge linking the capital with the rest of the country, has a height of 80 meters above water level and is one of the highest built on a canal.

Casco Antiguo:

It is very important to a historic and architectural heritage, is the ancient city of Panama, which has been declared «World Heritage of Humanity» by UNESCO on December 6, 1997. Here you can see buildings with colonial architecture, French, West Indian and African neoclassical; streets with dilapidated ruins and beautiful colonial churches

Panama la Vieja:

The resort of Panama La Vieja, is a place that is known for its architectural remains, as the ruins of the Cathedral. The Monumental History of Panama, preserves the pre-Hispanic ruins and the ruins of the ancient city of Panama (1517-1671). It is the first city founded on the Pacific coast of the Americas.

Islands and beaches in Panama:

In Panama, daily appreciate the wonders of nature in their environment. Strategically located between two oceans and the isthmus connecting two continents, Panama has environmental and natural riches like no other country in the world. Panama’s natural landscape and beaches, are ideal places to relax and take rest from hectic everyday life. Panama offers visitors beautiful beaches of white sand, palm trees, warm breezes and unforgettable sunsets radiant color.

Cayo Slipper:

It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in «Bocas del Toro», is undoubtedly Cayo shoe that has one of the most beautiful beaches and fine diving in the region.

Playa Blanca de Portobelo:

Playa Blanca is a small beach located in the bay of Portobelo National Park. This is a beach of white coral sand with calm waters, clear and safe.

Places to visit in Panama

Photography by javier.losa

Punta Chame Bay:

Punta Chame Beach is a beach located near Panama City.

Taboga Island:

Taboga Island, is located in the Bay of Panama to an hour by boat from Panama City, also called Isla de las Flores for their exotic flora. It has a tropical climate and warm sea and turquoise.

San Blas Island:

It is an archipelago comprises the islands of San Blas, also known as the region of Kuna Yala, is an island paradise surrounded by coral reefs with quiet beaches and transparent waters.

Isla Coiba:

It is very near Panama City, this island was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, full of marine life, corals, whale sharks, is one of the largest marine reserves in the world.

Good luck in your travels to Panama!

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