Panama: A modern country with Caribbean roots

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This mixture nation’s natural wonders, technological advances and strong historical and cultural background. One of its strengths is the variety of ecotourism and the possibility of seeing wildlife species in their natural habitat. The Republic of Panama is unique and unrepeatable, so by having in its territory the connection between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, as well as natural beauty, beaches and indigenous people that are combined with advanced cities.

This country offers some memorable points, places that would be a sin not to visit and tells you why

In Panama City, capital city of skyscrapers interspersed with colonial architecture and cultural events surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The jewel of the capital is the «Old Town», a neighborhood made up of buildings and houses built during the second foundation of the city in 1673.

The town was named in 1997, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, since the streets, squares and buildings in the area were the scene of the birth of Panama as an independent country.

A wall that still stands enclosed inside a protected area over 44 acres and 900 buildings that reflect the colonial architecture with Spanish and French influences. Cobbled streets, old squares and impressive cathedrals are just some of the wonders of this district centennial.

The areas of Santa Ana and El Chorrillo surrounding the Town and are also symbolic because it was the scene of social struggle and nationalist most important of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the narrowest point in Panama is a gigantic man considered the «Eighth Wonder of the Modern World»: the Panama Canal. Completed in 1914, is a strategic point through which ships can travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Dracula's Castle Panama City Beach, FL by kocojim.

When visiting the canal, one really sees the extent of one of the largest engineering works in history, which allows for year 14 thousand ships transiting that carry 5% of world trade.

In Miraflores, where the canal gates are the highest to curb the tide changes, there is a visitor center offers exhibits on the workings and history of the Canal, where you can learn about its mechanism, water pressures and details make the channel can move ships from one ocean to another.

To view the local nature and ecotourism practice, a special corner is Governor Island, located in the Pacific Ocean in Panama. This paradise is a bulwark of peace, especially for rest, where they are to reach the avisaje cetaceans and birds. The island can also be hiking and trekking through jungle paths where intricate original plant and animal species surprised at every turn. Boating along the coast or enjoy the beaches are just some of the activities of the island.

Another island worth noting is the Iguana Island National Park, located about 200 nautical miles east of the Panamanian coast. The park is a natural refuge that includes among its beauties, the largest coral reef in the Gulf of Panama, inhabited by turtles, whales and iguanas.

The dry forest is a protected ecosystem on the island, as it is one of the last remaining in the country and is home to thousands of migratory birds. As a protected area, careful to not let too many people and to maintain awareness in a virgin nature is vital.

One of the favorite destinations of Panama for its originality is the Kuna Yala region, where adventure tourism takes another direction. The perfect beaches, culture and ancestral houses made of bamboo, cane and straw, build this magical destination.

The region is a place of peace that seems to be stuck in ancient times. There’s no electricity and all one can do is sink into the customs and culture of this people.

Top of the Strip Beach Tower Panama City Beach, Fla by kocojim.

Enjoy your trip to Panama!

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