Oktoberfest festival in Munich

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The Munich Oktoberfest festival is perhaps the biggest crowds of the world, each year pass through their tents 7 million people during the two weeks it lasts. Shared queue, table and a joyful and relaxing atmosphere that gives a special charm.

Oktoberfest festival in Munich

Photography by digital cat ?

Today I offer a few tips to make the most of this great festival that is Oktoberfest:

– Do not be late to the tents if you get a seat. Although among all large tents there are 100,000 seats, many are booked months in advance, so the sooner you get, the better chance of finding someone from the free seats, preferably not next to the toilets.

– Do not delay your hotel reservation not because the hotel occupancy is complete for the dates of the Oktoberfest.

– Munich is much more than the Oktoberfest, and even if your visit is centered on out and drink a few beers, there are many local first-order in the city, with a less touristy environment. Anyway, if you’re obsessed with beer, some highly recommended are: Hirschgarten and Augustiner beer garden near the central station.

– Do not try to keep up the pace of German beer, be realistic. The beer served at Oktoberfest is stronger than usual (5% alcohol), and pitcher smaller than one liter. They spent their entire lives drinking, and you probably will not, so loose if you want to become a «bierleiche» (drunk). Be proactive and take aspirin or grandmother’s recipe to tackle drunkenness of one of your teammates or yourself if this occurs.

Oktoberfest festival

Photography by constant progression

– Climb to the attractions of the show before drinking. It is ideal especially if you come with your partner.

– Do not take a jar as a souvenir gift. Although each year thousands of jars vanish if the police catch you red-handed the fine is 50 euros. Clearly not worth it, is cheaper to buy a jar in the souvenir shops.

– The smaller tables are tents seat 10 people, so do not expect a romantic table for two.

– Watch the budget! The price of a Mass is of € 8.00. How many are willing to pay? Tips are not mandatory, but definitely recommended. Be generous with waitresses in each round.

– If you have booked and you arrive late, you’ve lost the table, no questions asked, no excuses. Be sure to get an hour or prejudicial to the consequences and do not make claims.

– Try to visit both large and small tents and see the different environments of the festival.

– Never leave your seat free if a partner is not watching you, or you might miss the seat.

– If you drink do not drive, not worth it, and also franchises insurance rental cars are very expensive.

– Finally, immerse yourself in the spirit of Oktoberfest. Enjoy the site and the company. Try talking to other people at the table, be respectful of others and, if provided, also climb the table to sing as one.

Munich beer festival

Photography by uLe @ Dortmund


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