Muscat – Oman

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Young, modern, well described Muscat who have enjoyed its comforts. The capital of the Sultanate of Oman is a place to live the quiet atmosphere with Arabic.
In Muscat, Oman’s largest city of nearly one million inhabitants, the old Arab traditions converge with new technology. A special place to hear a hint of the rich Arabic culture away from intercultural conflicts. Peace, say, in the reign of Queen Qaboos Bin Said.

Oman is a small country of 82,031 square miles and over two million inhabitants. Of these, half a million are foreigners. Heeled to the Southeast of the peninsula of Arabia, Oman kisses to the north the south coast of the gulf that bears his name and the Indian Ocean. To the east lies the Arabian Sea in the south west of Yemen and United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Muscat (Masqat Muscal or) is the capital.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was brought to Oman protectorate of Great Britain. Previously, between 1507 and 1650, Muscat, in particular, was Portuguese possession. Oman’s contact with the West, however, comes to more recent times, during the Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

However, Muscat in Oman as well as Western influence in general, remains mired in the Arab traditions. Maybe because 75% of the population practice Islam Ibadhi of the branch, which emerged in Oman, whose profile is more conservative than the Sunni and Shia. Besides these two tracks, the rest of the minority population practices Hinduism, Christianity and Buddhism.
Oman is covered by a desert, but in the Muscat area stands an impressive mountain range. The climate in this city is hot and humid, and around the coastal flank. In the rest of the country the prevailing high temperatures and dry air.
Although less diverse than in other Eastern countries, the cuisine another way to discover the culture that can be tasted in Muscat surprise to anyone. Different kinds and ways of preparing fish, chicken and rice show the Indian and Pakistani influence in this region. Pideshuwa is one of the dishes and the meat is cooked in a hole dug in the ground. The dish accompanied with a worthy rukhal, cake flour that crowns the table. As in the rest of the Arabic world, there are many food stalls at the step, for a price. Of course, for the most exquisite, luxurious restaurants there.

Flights to Muscat:
The British Airways and KLM offer flights almost daily to Oman. Once there, Al Bustan, Crowne Plaza, Sheraton and Grand Hyatt hotels are listed as comfortable accommodations. For those who travel with a pocket set can look for accommodation near La Corniche. Within the territory of Oman travel may be in a plane or bus. The highways have an excellent condition and in 10 hours you can cross the country from end to end.

For those who have the opportunity to travel in January and February, the Muscat Festival is an attractive cultural offer. Dancers, magicians and actors from Russia, Europe and the Arabic world featured in this great event that brings color to the city.

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