Montenegro south of the Adriatic Paradise

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Montenegro is an excellent choice for your vacation, this is a small country that is part of the Balkans and the Mediterranean, keeps borders with Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Albania to the south, the east by Serbia and Kosovo and to the west the Adriatic Sea. Its geographical formation is given by its coast in the Adriatic Sea, its plateaus and mountains in the coastal zone include the existence of various estuaries and bays being chief among them the Bay of Kotor.

Montenegro’s climate is determined by its geography, the coast the climate is the predominant type Mediterranean and the rest of the country the climate is continental which is determined by the presence of the Dinaric Alps, with long, dry summers and short, wet winters.

Tourism in Montenegro:
In the late 80s the tourism boomed, becoming one of its major revenue and that in recent years remains in constant growth, the pair of mining activities forestry, textiles and mining.
There are currently many projects for the construction of large hotels on the contractors involved companies from Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Croatia and Israel. In Montenegro, appreciates the influence of cultures like the Serbs, Slavs, Central, Eastern Orthodox and Adriatic, this due to its strategic geographical location has allowed the confluence of these cultures. Montenegro on its ecological feature is the preferred destination of many tourists who love nature, its characteristic climate in this state has developed two forms of tourism, the summer on the coast and the winter reccero.

Kotor, Montenegro por hudson_jeremy.

But in addition to its cultural heritage is a different architectural period in their history, customs, traditions and festivals, an opportunity to learn much from these people. Montenegro is an excellent choice for a holiday, a trip that will be printed in memory. History, culture, natural beauty, blue sea and fresh air await you here. It is a country where there are many contrasts and above all beauty, is the place where they crossed many cultures together his story. Montenegro is a tourist destination in the morning that can be bathing on the shores of the Mediterranean and in the afternoon practicing skiing in the Alps. Today an excellent tourist offer, not in vain each year increases the number of tourists who visit.

Montenegro offers the tranquility of its beaches, its beautiful coastal towns, the extraordinary view of the mountains, lake cruises largest in Europe while the largest reserves of birds on the continent.
Land of poets and warriors, waiting for tourists as a great friend to offer their hospitality.

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