Monfrague National Park – 5 tips

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Monfrague National Park – 5 tips

One of the surprises that you can take a tourist trip through Extremadura to discover Monfrague National Park. I admit that when I recently had the opportunity to visit this natural landscape had almost no references on it, but it is definitely a must if you are thinking of a tourist route through the lands north of Cáceres.


Photography by juan.aguere

Then I’ll give you 5 tips for your visit Monfrague national park in Extremadura.

1 .- Visiting the viewpoints Monfrague raptors:

The great appeal of this natural enclave, which was declared a national park in 2007, is the large number and diversity of raptors you can see in it.

To do this, you must follow the different viewpoints is established in Monfrague to spot prey. The most important and spectacular is called Salto del Gitano, but the other viewpoints that you visit are the Castle of Monfrague, Tietar la Portilla, the Tajadilla and Castor.
The place is very typical to see raptors in the Salto del Gitano in Monfrague in Extremadura.

2 .- Go to Castle Monfrague:

If you are able to spend some time with your visit Monfrague certainly worth the climb to the Castle of Monfrague.

If you’re in times of peak tourist season or on weekends, you can not go by car, but it must walk along a path, which will take less than an hour.

At the top of the Tower of Homage Monfrague Castle have incredible panoramic views Monfrague National Park and is the best place to spot up close to birds of prey, especially vultures. The panoramic view is breathtaking from this point.

Monfrague National Park

Photography by cotallo-nonocot

3 .- Visit Villarreal de San Carlos:

In the small village of Villarreal de San Carlos is the Visitor Center National Park Monfrague. Its origins date back to the eighteenth century and you will find also the shrine of the Virgen del Socorro.

4 .- Make a trip in 4 × 4 per Monfrague:

If you’re passionate about nature and wildlife, and want a deeper understanding of this natural landscape, it is best that you join an excursion in 4 × 4 per Monfrague.

You have several options, which also vary by season, but the key is a journey through the viewpoints of prey and, on the other hand, another excursion that allows you to delve into the typical Extremadura.

visit to Monfrague

Photography by StephaneMGrueso

5 .- taste the typical cuisine of Extremadura:

A visit to Monfrague is not complete without tasting the typical gastronomy of Extremadura, Extremadura crumbs and the loin of venison or Iberian prey. This last point is very interesting and complementary if you want to know as Extremadura from her womb.

Without doubt the travel experience alone will make you add other alternatives and travel tips that will acquire the Spanish come to this land. No doubt the journey through this part of the country very well worth it.

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