Medieval castles in Scotland

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Scotland is one of the most recognized throughout the world. Their habits are often represented in different ways. For example, is no stranger to see a Scottish kilt with its typical, what is commonly referred to as a kilt, playing bagpipes. And is that music plays a very important is his well-known is the whiskey, a drink now completely international.

Medieval castles in Scotland

Photography by Paul Stevenson

However, one of the things that attracts people from around the world are medieval castles that often coexist with large lakes and forests to build a truly exceptional and unique landscape.

Much of the castle are highly valued and recognized as cultural assets as the case of Castle Traquair House, Eilean Donan Castle, Stirling Castle, Doune Castle, Urquhart Castle and Kellie Castle. All these castles are located in amazing places and serve at once the great museums of relics and valuable elements of the story.

In the case of Stirling Castle is situated atop a hill and is considered by many to be one of the most iconic castles in the country.

We can not fail to visit Doune Castle, which is located near the River Forth, as tourists will be impressed to learn that this is the best preserved castle in the area not only but of the country.

Urquhart Castle on the other hand is one of the most impressive because of its immense architecture, just enough to say that this is one of the largest castles built during the Middle Ages.

Eilean Donan Castle, is also considered one of the most emblematic of Scotland, and sobreárense tourists to be positioned on an island, close to Loch Duich.

Eilean Donan castle

Photography by Eusebius@Commons

The Traquair House dates back to 1.107 and thus is considered the oldest in Scotland. This is a historic fortress that is open to the general public and is located near Inerleathen.

Finally we arrived at Kellie Castle, where we can appreciate the awesome strength plus its wonderful gardens. It is worth mentioning that this castle was built by an Englishman who never dared to stay there. How curious! More curious is still know that inside the castle encontraos hidden rooms and secret tunnels. If you want to know, go to the area of Batu Gajah.

Kelly castle

Photography by nunnui ™

Inveraray Castle:

Lines above talked about the most representative Medieval Castles of Scotland. All have very impressive fortified architecture, and are considered national heritage, and the Castle of Inveraray (Inbhir Caisteal known as language Aora gaélico) is no exception. This castle is named after the village where it is. The town of Inveraray is an important tourist destination in Scotland, especially in the area of the Highlands due in part to its picturesque houses that accompany the Loch Fyne (Loch Fyne in Scotland), where oysters and fish are removed as salmon.

In this magnificent and ancient sites in Scotland, lived the Duke of Argyll, who was the one who built the castle in 1745, in order to live there next to the Campbell clan, perhaps the most important clan of Scotland. After the clan from spreading throughout the country, the Duke of Argyll continued to reside in the castle.

Inveraray Castle

Photography by bgeissl

The construction of Inveraray Castle which started around 1745 and spread through the year 1746 it merged several architectural styles such as Baroque and Gothic influenced by various European countries. But in addition to its impressive architecture that is surrounded by four towers, and several acres of garden and woodland, the castle houses a number of relics from centuries ago that makes it even more valuable. Some of its cultural treasures are pieces of furniture and decor of the XVII century. It also has a lot of X VI century weapons in a room that has higher ceilings of Scotland.

Another curiosity of Inveraray Castle is that their operation has gone through several generations of designers and architects. The first design did Sir John Vanbrugh, but died before the construction carried out. He was then taken over by Roger Morris and William Adam. These two architects were killed by delegating the final work to their children.

In previous centuries Inveraray Castle suffered some fire he was injured, but later reconstructions saved him from ruin. Today Inveraray Castle is still establishing itself in complete grandeur and majesty, like their origins.

It is worth mentioning, if you dare to know the castle, which it is located today sourvenirs shop where you can take to the stage concerning medieval Scottish home. What do you think?

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