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The hotel rooms come equipped with certain services and «amenities» that sometimes do not use: from air conditioning to a travel iron, toiletries or a mini bar. A hotel in California has launched a promotion: offering reduced rates by cutting extra services.

The package is called «Survivor» (Survivor) and is like a pay-per-use «. We have implemented the Rancho Bernardo Resort & Spa in San Diego.

The initial rate which includes all services and products that come equipped with a reception room, is 219 dollars a night (about 155 euros). As the passenger is giving up amenities, the price goes down.

Without breakfast, subtract $ 20 (14 euros). No air conditioning or lights (yes, no electricity) and pay less than half. And if you want to get to the bone, deploy your sleeping bag on the carpet in the resort and accept not having a bed (or bed linen or soft mattress, duvets or film), will end up paying only $ 19 night (only 14 euros ).

Let it become a luxury camping.

Here I leave the list price of non-services (WOW!)

Full Room: $ 219
Without breakfast: $ 199
No mini bar: $ 179
No air conditioning or heating: $ 159
Without Pillows: $ 139
Without sheets: $ 109
Without electricity: $ 89
No towels: $ 59
No toiletries: $ 39

I guess fares start subtracting, or $ 39 that you must not only take your soap at home, but do not get none of the above.

Consider, first introduced the subject hotel within an environmental policy tends to avoid waste of energy, products, logistics and others by not having to provide all services in all rooms.

Furthermore, it makes sense to pay for what you are actually going to use. Honestly, who uses the trouser press? Do you not set four times before taking some of the mini-bar? Is not patiently studying what things are free and which not? What I use are toiletries in the bathroom. Especially the shower gel, especially since regulations were imposed on flights and must be prevented from carrying liquids, gels and more.

I wonder: are we going to a hotel room service cost?

Many people do not want to use the air conditioning because it is not charged to the account even if you turn it off. Others simply go to the hotel room to shower and sleep, why they want a plasma TV and 166 TV channels? If you go to work and only use the desk, bed, bath and plugs: thanks you pay for soaps with essential oils?

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