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A few months ago the Jamaican Bolt usaina achieved at the Olympic Games in Beijing crowned Olympic champion in the 100 meters, beating the world record with 9 seconds and 69 hundredths. The Jamaican sprinter had promised days before to his coach, if I win the Games, go up to Mount Blue, the highest mountain in Jamaica. To you we do not need to be Olympic champions, and beat the world record for climbing to such heights. Just go in there and try visiting this place, of course if we win and adventurous spirit.

Between perpetual fog enveloped provided, which are those that give the color blue, the Blue Mountains stretching across the eastern part of the island with more than 28 kilometers. When Columbus discovered Jamaica in 1494, the mountains were much wooded. The early Spanish colonists established their cattle farms at the foot of the Blue Mountains, particularly in the south coast called Liguanea around Morant Bay. Nevertheless, when the British took the island, the forests were declining due to the huge demand for wood that the country needed the British.

The 194,000 hectares of the Blue Mountains and John Crow National Park was created in 1992 to preserve some of the remaining forest and protect the island. The park covers 6 percent of Jamaica. These forests have more than 800 species of endemic plants, the second largest collection of butterflies of the world, 200 species of resident and migratory birds and 500 species of plants and flowers, of which almost half are unique to Jamaica. Of these, the most interesting is the Jamaican bamboo, which flowers only once every 33 years. The next flowering will take place in 2017.
From Kingston, followed by Guava Ridge, the road continues towards Bull Bay on the North Coast. This is the only road that crosses the Blue Mountains and the main access to the region. All other roads follow the river valleys near the island enters the lower slopes of the Blue Mountains, including the Port Antonio, near the Rio Grande.

Blue Mountain Peak por everytin irie.

The eastern side of the Blue Mountains continually receives water from rainfall. Is the area that represents the ultimate in tropical Jamaica, where we can find many exotic plants, and where everything is wrapped in the colorful butterflies flying. There are very pleasant walks in villages surrounding the Port Antonio. Across the road you can reach Ginger Bowden, a beautiful waterfall with a cave. Across a bridge connecting the city with ginger Nanny Town, following a path almost trails suitable for the most intrepid, and St. Thomas, where there is a source of thermal waters.

One of the highest peaks of these mountains is the peak. Many of the adventurers begin their ascent at dawn to reach the top with the first light of day. And because the evolution of dawn through to completion is just amazing, being able to see the north and south coasts of Jamaica. The walk reveals the botanical richness of the mountain. Gradually, the cloud forest we will go with their shadow mosses, ferns, lianas, shrubs and bamboos.

Hundreds of roads connecting the villages of these Blue Mountains. No it is really walking trails, but are used by villagers to perform their work. Most enjoyable are the Buff Bay Road, which leads us to Catherine’s Peak and Horeb, and above all, a nature reserve in Hardwar Gap Holywell. The road to Clydesdale takes us through an old coffee plantation that is now U.S. as a nursery for the Forestry Department. And here is grown in most delicious coffees around the world. Near here is the Cinchona Botanical Gardens, created in 1868 for the manufacture of quinine.

You see, the sprinter Bolt enjoy the thrilling usaina his medal. Perhaps his Olympic dream was rather enjoying the heights of their Blue Mountains.
How to get there?

To fly to Jamaica, we must first call at the Miami airport. From there, the line operates Air Jamaica Express and American Airlines, which will take us to the airport in Kingston. Also, for greater enjoyment, it can make the journey by ship from Miami. The fate of these cruises is the island of Eight Rivers.

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