Heidelberg one of the romantic cities

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Heidelberg one of the romantic cities.

Heidelberg is a city in Germany located in the Neckar valley, northwest of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Heidelberg is known for its castle, but also by their university (Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg), founded in 1386 by Ruprecht I, and refounded in 1803 by Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden, and more than 30000 students. The city also served as the focus of the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther hosted in 1518.


Photography by rs-foto

In 2007, Heidelberg won third place in ranking of healthiest city in Germany, which also has a notable public transport. It is also one of the most tourist cities of Germany, with 3.5 million visitors last year.

Tourist attractions:

Historic city center:

In Heidelberg we must emphasize the historical center, the Altstadt and the Hauptstrasse is the main street of the city. This pedestrian mall you can find many of the churches, baroque buildings in addition to the University of Heidelberg.

Heidelberg Castle:

Heidelberg Castle is one of the most photographed and famous postcards of the city. From the tower you can see a nice view of the valley where Heidelberg. This was begun in the late fourteenth and mixed Renaissance and Gothic styles. During the sixteenth and seventeenth added two buildings to the fortress, and it was destroyed several times, both in the War of 30 years in the War of Succession. Inside the castle is the Museum of Pharmacy and also the largest barrel in the castle. The park surrounding the castle is famous for having been among the walkers to Goethe.

The castle of Heidelberg

Photography by Rainer Ebert

Road to College:

The way of philosophers (Philosophenweg) is in the north of the Neckar band. It gives its name to the road because the philosophers who lived with the Heidelberg university professors did this ride while discussing current affairs and philosophy. Since the road is a beautiful sight (Heiligenberg) over the old city and castle. In this area there is also an ancient Celtic fortress.


We also note the Heiliggeistkirche, the church of the Holy Spirit of Heidelberg. With origins in the thirteenth century, this church is in the market square in the historic center and is one of the most famous of the city. Gothic and Romanesque styles, this beautiful church, next to the castle of Heidelberg, stands above the city.

The Neckar valley

Photography by CFuga

Important dates in Heidelberg:

– Between July and August, a festival of music inside the castle, the first Saturday in June and September, plus the second Saturday in July, the castle and the old bridge are illuminated and there are fireworks.

– In September medieval festival is held in the old center, which includes a medieval market with over 40 craft shops. Also celebrated the festival of Samba to Rock.
During Advent (1 month before Christmas) is celebrated in the old town a beautiful Christmas market.

Indeed, we read that to get to the castle of Heidelberg there a secret passage in the mountains, if you find it write!

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