Halloween in Ireland

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Contrary to what may seem to many, the celebration of Halloween has its roots in the lush green countryside of Ireland for over 2,000 years and not in the United States, yes, was largely responsible for popularizing this pagan festival based in the rites and myths of the Emerald Isle Celtic.

Halloween in Ireland

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Halloween was invented in Ireland:

The celebration of Halloween dates back to 100 AD At that time, the Celts celebrated a pagan festival in Ireland that the name of Samhain, an ancient Gaelic word meaning «the end of the harvest.» Traditionally, this was the time when the ancient pagan Celts sacrificed stored supplies and livestock to prepare for winter. According to Celtic mythology, on the night of Samhain (Halloween) the spirits of the dead revisited the mortal world, so they lit huge bonfires to scare away evil spirits, and the only way to not be taken away it was looking like them, wore masks and costumes that were scary, like skeletons and witches. Irish immigrants brought with versions of this tradition to America, where after years became very popular.

Trick or treat:

The famous «trick or treat» is a formula used by children to go house to house dressed as carrying lanterns and pumpkins and asking for candy or sweets to their neighbors in exchange for not scare them or make mischief. Sweet is the most typical Barm Brack, a cake that hides a ring and a penny in (if you find the ring, you’ll marry this year and if the penny, you’ll hit a fortune). The lanterns jack-o «are carved pumpkins originated in the Irish legend of Stingy Jack, a greedy old farmer, a lover of gambling and drinking, he convinced the Devil to climb a tree and trapped him by carving a cross on the trunk. In revenge, the devil made Jack a spell condemning him to forever wander the earth every night with the only light he had: a candle inside a turnip emptied. In addition, on Halloween night, everything is permitted for the spirits, who hide their trail after fires which aims to drive away all evil.

The beautiful Ireland, whose medieval castles bear witness still of great mysteries featuring ghosts and spirits, is also starring in this original party aimed at children as more mature and that opens the pre-Christmas season in the Western world. Today Halloween is still a very popular holiday in Ireland the streets of his capital, Dublin, and small surrounding towns are decorated with traditional pumpkins, skeletons and masks to celebrate this festival of Irish origin.

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