Enjoy Christmas in Prague

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Come the winter, and cold weather, snow and hot chocolate. This we know well in one of the coldest areas may be passed at this time of year, the Central Europe, especially if we go to the capital of a country like the Czech Republic, Prague.

Prague of especially at Christmas

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But not everyone is suffering, since it is at this time of year when you can see this city in all its splendor. With the arrival of good weather, is a city that falls to anyone who visits, because that day is spectacular and at night is quite magical.

But where it reaches its best is in winter, especially at Christmas, because the city is transformed and go crazy decorating every corner to get existing recreate one of the most magnificent you can see at this time of year. In some of these parts of the city, almost causing us to believe we’ve gone back in time hundreds of years ago.

Four weekends before Christmas are installed throughout the city’s Christmas markets, where we can go buy all food and drink typical of the Czech region as well as all kinds of gift items (glass, toys, mugs, scarves, etc …) remain installed until early January. These markets consist of small «houses» where each vendor wood supplies inventories.

Christmas in Prague

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The most popular markets are in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, where they sell Christmas items distributed from 70 to 80 stands. The smaller ones are found at Namesti Republiky and Namesti Miru Havelská Trziste and are all easily accessible by subway. All of them are usually open from 9:00 to 19:00.

Like if you do not plan to buy anything, it is recommended as a spin just to see the decoration, especially in the Old Town Square, where they put the Christmas tree say involves 100,000 light bulbs, a sight to behold, especially since the backdrop is the Tyn Church, offering a whole one of the best views of the city. Right there is where we will find a good representation of a nativity scene, as befits this time of year.

Just do not forget to bring warm clothing because temperatures at this time down to zero degrees and you’re sure most of Nevada City, but this is what gives it a magical city. That if you care to cross the city to and fro across the Charles Bridge, more than one has gone to ground due to snow or ice.

Enjoy Christmas in Prague

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As I am sure that we have wanted to learn more about traveling to Prague, here on the blog have a good reference in our previous post where you can locate more information regarding the city of Prague.

Bon voyage!

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