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Getting lost in Seville

sábado, mayo 29th, 2010

There are some places in the world that when visitors leave a mark on your heart … For some strange reason you establish what is more an emotional than a visit to a tourist destination … We all have one and, at bottom, albeit always unwittingly, we want every new site that we can achieve that category in the soul and whose memory is much more than a vacation … A place of those beautiful, magical and contagious … lost in Seville is a love story.

Attractions in Seville

Photography by Peter Shanks

Sevilla was never established, nor is it located somewhere, is simply a piece of an unknown dimension of beauty, joy, color and history, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River is loved Over the centuries with the complacency of a princess of the fairy Thousand and One Nights in a timeless and ancient Spain. (más…)

Barajas to Puerta de Alcalá: See Madrid in a week

miércoles, mayo 26th, 2010

Cultural capital thanks to its excellent collection of museums and monuments linked headquarters to the Crown of Spain, Madrid shows the city visitors as a strong, modern, cosmopolitan and welcoming. The joy of living, quality and variety of restaurants and cultural activities of the Spanish capital are an ever-increasing tourism focus.

madrid airport6

Photography by *Harres*

The visitor, upon landing in Barajas, faces a wide range of activities to develop in this metropolis of over three million inhabitants and boredom does not enter his vocabulary. (más…)

Accommodation in Madrid Tips

viernes, mayo 14th, 2010

city hall Madrid

Photography by orocain

Do you know Madrid? And if you know it, you probably want to revisit. Some think that the capital is an expensive city and where the hotels also are expensive, this is not always the case. Madrid offers a range found in many hotels, and many all-inclusive, whose purpose is to get rid of everything.

In Madrid you can find all-inclusive hotels, designed to go with family, with discounts for children also can enjoy various entertainment programs for children and adults as well as sports, hiking and horseback riding. (más…)

Granada: What you should know on your trip

miércoles, mayo 5th, 2010

Granada, a beautiful city that can say many things, but would certainly not be enough to cover the incredible story that characterizes it. Some of the features that make it very special to this town in Spain, are having an enviable architecture, which consists of models of megalithic as Romeral Cave, to name just one example.

Granada: What you should know on your trip

Photography by Nic’s events

The weather in Granada is different from what anyone might expect, because the contrasts paracer take the lead, while in winter it is home to temperatures of 6 ° C or 7 ° C in summer easily reach 37 ° C or 40 ° C inclusive. The nights out are a real pleasure because the average temperature of 20 ° C. borders. (más…)

Travel to Santillana del Mar of Cantabria

miércoles, marzo 3rd, 2010

Colegiata de Santa Juliana (Santillana del Mar) Cantabria,España by Catedrales e Iglesias.

Walking around Santillana del Mar is a pleasure and even more, if possible outside the crowds that often occur during the summer months. A good time to come to this town, which the philosopher Sartre said to be «the most beautiful in the world» is in autumn and winter. In those short days when it feels is the true measure of the village, where the streets are occupied only by the inhabitants of the old houses of the village and by visitors who find this time the ideal time to contemplate the stones, coats of arms , mansions and palaces that have survived since the Middle Ages to today. (más…)

A tour inside Spain

miércoles, febrero 17th, 2010

Puerto y Campa de Torres.Gijón por nuska2008.

Spain has much to offer in terms of tourism that is not even a secret, what if the type of tourism in Spain is very broad and I speak from every corner of the Spanish towns, natural parks, beaches, gastronomic routes, wine routes … every time there is really time to know him better, today I present a feature of every piece of Spain, to know her better. (más…)

Tourist Routes in Cantabria

viernes, diciembre 25th, 2009

Bounded by the Cantabrian Mountains and the Picos de Europa is located the Liébana. Among its attractions is the authentic character of its people and its rich heritage. The peoples of Unquera line of separation between Asturias and Cantabria, Leben, his Mozarabic church of St. Mary of Lebeña, Piasca, Potes main town in the county, Mogrovejo or sources that are part of a sea route and the summit in the Picos de Europa. Liebana market offers the opportunity to taste the famous Quesucos of Liebana, cheese and Picon of Bejes Tresviso or wild boar sausages and venison. (más…)

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