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Argentina: The world of walkers

martes, mayo 31st, 2011

Argentina has a variety of climates, environments and difficulty levels to enjoy the trekking, the sport that combines running and climbing.  A journey through some of the most fascinating routes.

The world of walkers

Photography by flopisubmarina

Here you will find one of the most lost and majestic Patagonia: the Laguna de los Tres, on the basis of imposing Fitz Roy. To comfort even more, just look back. (más…)

Antarctic Horizonte Puerto Natales

martes, mayo 10th, 2011

Puerto Natales at twilight on the horizon we the South Pole. It is also a remote village it seems. A place for those out of a fiction series, Doctor in Alaska for example. Creating a community of adventurers and brave one day left their homes to seek a better world and stood at the gates of the Antarctic, in a province called Nueva Esperanza in Chile.

Puerto Natales

Photography by wallygrom (very busy at work)

The Chilean population of just over 21,000 inhabitants and located in one of the southernmost areas of the country may not be pretty at first glance, you may not be so for everyone who comes to it, generally looking for the ultimate base camp for supplies and into the Torres del Paine National Park. But each one gets a small part in the places you visit and in return we get a picture, time, energy … (más…)

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado: 10 things to do

viernes, marzo 25th, 2011

10 Great Things to Do in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

U.S. has big mountains to be explored in its territory, especially without a doubt is the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, so this is an alternative trip to visit these places outside the city and certainly promise a great experience travel.

U.S. has big mountains

Photography by Ms. Herr

Here are 10 things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park while in USA: (más…)

Key West, a favorite haunt of Hemingway

jueves, febrero 3rd, 2011

Former refuge of pirates, fishermen, traders and treasure hunters, Key West is now a corner of paradise on earth where time stops still to celebrate the magic moment of sunset.

Key West, a favorite haunt of Hemingway

Photography by Mangrove Mike

Better known to locals as Southernmost point of the United States of America, Cayo Hueso or Key West is the southernmost United States, which overlooks the still-mythical and distant island of Cuba. (más…)

The historic treasure of the Spanish cave paintings

martes, enero 4th, 2011

The historic treasure of the Spanish cave paintings

Seventeen Spanish rock caves of the Cantabrian fringe last week received the deserved recognition of being declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This rich heritage is hidden is dark and sheltered caves in Cantabria, the Basque Country and Asturias. Protected from the erosive action of wind or rain, these witnesses millennia of human history are one of the most impressive and beautiful testimony.

The Spanish cave paintings

Photography by A.M. Kuchling

Many of these caves can be visited and essential if you travel north of the Iberian Peninsula. Much less known to the Altamira Cave, at least so far, these caves retain some of its authenticity to receive visits only small groups and tightly controlled, so as not to affect the conservation of paintings. (más…)

Marrakech Gardens

sábado, diciembre 18th, 2010

Marrakech is undoubtedly the garden city in Morocco. The huge palm trees and is itself a garden, if we add the numerous small private gardens that give it a green touch to the city, public gardens and refreshing as the Majorelle, Menara or the La Mamounia hotel belonging to the no shortage of places where we protect ourselves from the crowds and bustle of the souks.

The garden city in Morocco

Photography by mwanasimba

Mamounia, a palace statement:

To enter some orchards as Hotel La Mamounia there are some restrictions. No need to be a hotel guest, but it is required to be properly dressed. If you want to enjoy a refreshing afternoon you can take advantage of the brackets to drink a tea in the terrace cafe by the pool and then dive deeper into the dense green, formerly belonging to the sultan’s palace. (más…)

Bruges the most tourist cities

domingo, diciembre 5th, 2010

Bruges is one of the most tourist cities of Belgium and with good reason. While walking through Bruges one could move to the Middle Ages without much difficulty, if not for groups of visitors that pass back and forth in nationalities, colors and languages.

Walking Bruges

Photography by mararie

Bruges is a small town. We can reached by road, train or bus. Is very close to the North Sea, so it’s interesting approach to coastal communities and discovers the Belgian seaside resorts, such as totally opposed to the mass of cement buildings and the Mediterranean. The climate is perhaps one of the main causes of the Belgian coast has been preserved with some criterion, leaving rows and rows of dunes are constantly moving in front of the beach and more distant low buildings (except in a few urban core ), just three floors the highest, and most one-storey houses. (más…)

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