Brighton, a city of castles in England

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The city of Brighton is a popular tourist destination on the coast of Sussex in southern England. Each year about eight million tourists visit this magical city.
Was the preferred location for the English aristocracy to spend your holidays and periods as a sign of brilliance that has many wonderful museums and palaces of Victorian style.
One of its charms is a stroll along the marina and visit the Royal Pavilion, a building with a strange Indian architecture contrasts with the typical style of the colorful Victorian houses and elongated.
It has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, very lively with many bars and terraces crowded streets. Its nightlife is enlivened by the best dj’s of the world who choose to Brighton, aware of the cultural mix of their youth. The racial and cultural diversity facilitates the adaptation of thousands of students each year who come to the place.

Weather in Brighton:
The climate is a very positive aspect of the city, which is located on the coast and is smooth. In spring and summer, high temperatures and sunny days are very common. Referring to the rains are moderate. In winter temperatures, by contrast, are pretty cool.

Lodging in Brighton:
All hotels are classified by location, so you can more easily choose the best location.

Brighton recreation guide:
Monuments: The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery is a museum dedicated to the archeology, history, ceramics and painting in the county. It has interesting collections of art and design of the twentieth century, art nouveau, art deco and indigenous cultures. The Booth Museum of Natural History brings together more than half a million stuffed animals.

Places to Visit:
The memorial is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton for excellence.
This is Eastern style palace that once belonged to King George IV. It was built between 1815 and 1822 and had as its mission to be the summer residence of the royal family. Mimics the palaces Chinese interior decoration and its external appearance is influenced Indian architecture.
It is very interesting to visit your kitchen, music room decorated with murals and gold and crimson of the reception room decorated with dragons.
Brighton is one of the best places in England so as to rest at night for fun. It is famous for its nightlife and for its Piers (promenade and recreation area located on a pier). Of course, we can not forget to visit its famous beaches and attractions of the Victorian Palace Pier, built in 1899.
For desapacibles afternoon rain, Brighton offers a large variety of theaters offering movies in different languages. You can also find a Cinemax offering a 3-D experience. There are concerts every week and in nightclubs with the best DJs in the world.

brighton the city

Shopping: Brighton is also famous for its shops. There is one of the largest shopping centers in southern England, called Churchill Square. Three floors of shops with restaurants, nurseries, kiosks and a beauty salon. If you’re looking for typical English shops we must turn to the narrow streets of the old fishermen’s quarter, Brighthelmstone and The Lanes. This tourist area concentrates most of the shops, boutiques and trendy antiguarios. North Laine, we can find many shops of second-hand clothing, made of disks and CDs from shops and local crafts. The flea market (Upper Gardner St.) on Saturday morning well worth it.

Eating: Brighton has some of the best restaurants in England. Has international food quality for example, Europe, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and Latin America

The restaurant Dadu, locaizado the seafront of Brighton and the cocktail bar has a fresh approach to innovative international cuisine. Have a balanced menu that offers the best fresh and natural products.
Harcourts is a sophisticated restaurant and stylish, perfect for a business lunch to an elegant dinner.
Leonardo Restaurant Its menu consists of 85 covers, also has two menus of the day for £ 7.95 and a la carte menu which is larger than the book Doomesday.

Casa Don Carlos, is the restaurant whose specialty is Spanish tapas. It is much visited by the British and the tourists who want to taste the wine and Spanish chorizo.
Aumthong Thai restaurant and very lively with many visitors during the weekends. It offers good food at low prices in a pleasant environment with friendly waiters.

Nightlife: Brighton has lots of bars and attractive places for a drink, if what you want is a quiet, what can you do in Lounge Bar But Brighton is famous for its nightlife and usually there are not many bars calm weekends. At the heart of Brighton and the seafront, there are over 150 bars, each with its charm. The march in Brighton is famous and is surpassed only by the one at London. During the summer there are festivals of music by the beach.

Gemini’s Beach Bar, the bar is beachfront and has a terrace which is more or less depending on the big influx, with waiter service.

The Walkabout, this is an Australian-themed pub located near all the major clubs in Brighton. TV has a lot to see sports as there is love and there is usually a lot of people. The music is live during the nights of the weekend.

The Smugglers Inn is a very popular pub in the area and has great capacity, disponede tables inside.

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