Barbados, a tourist looking at large

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Barbados is a coral island, coral reefs are the most prominent features of Barbados. The coral reefs of the coast of Barbados provide excellent opportunities for diving and scuba diving tourists. Surfing is a common sport in Barbados. The beaches are plentiful on this island.

The weather in Barbados is mostly sunny. Tourists who come to this island, knows the warm days, cool and windy nights of fun. The constant breeze of the winds are gentle and pleasant tropical climate. Rainfall in Barbados are very refreshing and takes place during the summer season.

The history of Barbados is very unique and interesting. Barbados was seized by the Arawak Indian South America. This was followed by the Spanish, Portuguese and finally the British in Barbados. The British settled in Barbados in 1627.

The geography of Barbados includes the variety of its soil, rainfall, climate, and topography. Barbados is the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles. Barbados is located 480 kilometers north of Guyana, 160 kilometers east of St. Vincent and 965 miles southeast of Puerto Rico.

The culture of Barbados is heavily influenced by the cultures of Western Africa and United Kingdom. History, architecture, music, religion and festivals are durable with the elements of the culture of Barbados. Language is also an important segment of the culture of Barbados. Barbados dialect called Bajan language.

If you come to Barbados, you will see the various festivals held on the island. Festivals in Barbados include cultural festivals, jazz festivals and even sports festivals. There are also the least known, Barbados Jazz Festival, Carnival Congaline, Carlisle Bay Water Festival, Holetown Festival and Celtic Festival are some of the festivals celebrated in Barbados.

Destinations in Barbados:
You can explore a number of attractions in Barbados. The attractiveness of the various tourist destinations in Barbados are:

Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados and is one of the best destinations. Bridgetown is the commercial center of Barbados. Bridgetown is home to a population of about 80,000 people. Formerly known as «the people of San Miguel».

Saint Peter is one of the major tourist destinations in Barbados. Saint Peter is one of the eleven parishes of Barbados. Saint Peter is the name of the Christian apostle and patron saint, Saint Peter.

Some of the tourist attractions that can be located at Saint Peter Port St. Charles marina are, Farley Hill, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve and the Abbey of St. Nicholas.

Parroquia Santiago, is also a major tourist destination in Barbados. Santiago is located on the west side of Barbados. Each year thousands of tourists come to this part of Barbados to enjoy your vacation. Saint James, Barbados is regarded as the playground of the rich and famous.

Christ Church is one of tourist destinations in Barbados. There are several notable sights in the church of Christ that can be explored. St. Lawrence Gap, Club Rockley Golf Course, Rock Fitts Village Beach and Silver Beach are the other tourist spots.

Adventure Sports in Barbados :
Adventure Sports in Barbados extract a considerable amount of tourists from around the world. The strategic position of this island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, makes it an ideal place where you can indulge in various activities fascinating. Adventure Sports in Barbados include several exciting water sports and exciting activities in the transformation of the land in case a memorable trip.

Barbados Adventure Sports will surely attract those who want to add to its charm Barbados tour. With colorful coral barrier reefs are excellent for scuba diving. The reefs are the homes of giant eels, frog fish, seahorses and other exotic aquatic life. The expansion of the Marine Reserve from Sandy Lane to Colony Club is the perfect place for scuba diving.

There are several dive sites between Maycocks Bay and Bridgetown, Barbados. Diving in this region causes the scope to barrel sponges, sea fans and numerous species of marine creatures. Sunken wrecks are good for diving. There are several dive shops to display and sell various equipment required for diving

Along the west coast of part Brabados, tranquility and the calm waters suitable for snorkeling. Bell Buoy and Reef Dottins are suitable for snorkeling. One can explore a whole new bright and amazing marine world including corals. Other highlights include Carlisle Bay, and Silver Bank Stavronnikita Pamir.

Travel to Barbados offers the opportunity to participate in windsurfing. Barbados is known for this water sport. At the southern end of the island in the sand Silver – Silver Rock Beach, the Barbados Windsurfing Championships are held every year. There are few clubs that lessons could be learned about windsurfing. The Silver Rock Club and the Club Mistral windsurfing are two of those clubs.

Fishing is possible in Barbados between January and April. Includes deep-sea fishing for tuna, marlin, sailfish and beak. The calm waters of coastal areas are the habitat of the barracuda and wahoo. Blue Jay, Billfish Cannon II and III are the three vessels that make it easy fishing in Barbados.

Tourists can also participate in several significant land Adventure Sports in Barbados. The north and the east coast of the parts are suitable for hiking. The Barbados National Trust and Arbib Heritage and Nature Trail to sponsor and organize excursions in this island nation.

Horse is organized by the Barbados Turf Club. The Garrison Savannah is the place where it is carried out horse racing every year.

Other Adventure Sports in Barbados include kiteboarding, kayaking, paragliding, cycling and bird watching.

Hotels in Barbados:
There are different types and categories of hotels in Barbados.

Luxury Hotels in Barbados. These hotels are for guests who are not satisfied with anything but the best. Offering luxurious accommodation and good food. There are some 4 star hotels with the amenities they offer almost the same as luxury hotels.

There are also low-cost hotels. 3-star hotels offer the best value for money and offers comfortable accommodation. All basic services are provided at reasonable cost in the hotel.

Accommodation in Barbados is also offered to guests of the houses. Which offer only accommodation at reasonable prices. These places are very welcoming.

There are hotels that offered by the beach to enjoy activities such as diving, water skiing and, of course, diving. In addition to some golf courses in the hotel offered to them, golf packages and organize tournaments.

Undoubtedly good accommodation in Barbados and total fun!

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  1. Hamilton Says:

    I totally agree, Barbados is a sophisticated holiday destination with something for everyone…

    Over the last 50 years the tourism products offered by the island has really come a long way.

    And although the island has been positioned as an up-market tourism destination, you can still find accommodation, nightlife and restaurants to suit every pocket.

    You can shop; lie on the beach all day or have an action pack holiday what ever suits your fancy.

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