Aviles 9 places to discover in the historic center

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I recognize so far not had any interest in visiting Oviedo, in Asturias. But you may also have happened to you, as we all have in mind the image of a city where the industrial development of the steel has darkened their environment and the facades of houses and monuments. However, after the disappearance in the past 80 years steel plants as a result of industrial restructuring, Avilés is now in a process of transformation.

visiting Oviedo

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And in this respect, the Niemeyer Center under the project of the Island of Innovation, has relocated to Aviles on the map of attractions in Asturias.

The Niemeyer Center is to fulfill the role of cultural and tourist magnet, if indeed travel to Asturias, sure you have the curiosity to approach Aviles to see this great work of contemporary architecture.

But when you go to see Niemeyer, I recommend you take a stroll through the historic center of Ávila, the former Villa. Surely you soprenderá by the beauty of some streets with typical houses northern, with arcaded galleries and balconies, and terraces that give a great atmosphere. The wide pedestrian historical center only allows us to relive the past of a hostile Aviles for the visitor. But now wander Avilés is a delight, where you find beautiful places and you can see monuments that remind you that its history goes back to the tenth century, and the Villa was the interior of a medieval fortified.

Then I will indicate 9 places to discover in your sightseeing tour of Avilés.

1 .- Spain Plaza:

It is easiest to start your walk from the central square in Spain (it is advisable to leave the car in the underground pedestrian plaza).

This great hall is chaired by the City Hall of Avilés, in the late seventeenth century, and you find yourself in front of Palacio de Ferrera, of the same century and now houses the Hotel NH Palacio de Ferrera. Behind him stood a large park that once was the palace gardens.

2 .- Church of St. Nicholas of Bari:

Leaving the Plaza of Spain for the San Francisco Street, northeast side, beside the Palacio de Ferrera, you’ll see plenty of trees and, behind it, the Church of St. Nicholas of Bari, which was built by the Franciscans in the thirteenth century.

3 .- Old Grocery Store:

Just across from the church, under the portico, it is worth to come into the only major grocery store left in Avilés. These stores, where you can buy everything imaginable, is the history of supermarkets and traditional stores are where the locals of the Northern peoples were provided food and all kinds of products for the home.

4 .- Conservatory of Music:

Continuing along the street in San Francisco, certainly grabs your attention with its ornate decoration a corner building on the right. This is the Palace of Balsera, 1917, which now houses the Conservatory of Music in Avilés.

5 .- Galiana Street:

Then you get to the street Galiana. Houses with balconies and, above all, a long colonnade characterize this popular street of bars and restaurants are concentrated.


Photography by jinetelinux

6 .- House of Noceda Arias:

On the left side of the street Galiana discover the striking red facade of an old Indian house. This is the House of Noceda Arias, built in 1883, which contrasts with a high palm tree.

7. Church of the Franciscan Fathers:

After returning to the Plaza of Spain, going down the street from the Foundry, on the southeast side, you soon come to the church of the Franciscan Fathers. Its rustic Romanesque facade alerts you to its age (XII-XIII centuries).

places to discover in the historic center

Photography by FreeCat

8 .- Palace of the Marquis de Camposagrado:

In the nearby square Camposagrado to the north, you find a large building with an imposing baroque facade of Asturian (late seventeenth century), more sober than usual. It is the Palacio del Marqués de Camposagrado, a former defensive building with two large side towers.

9 .- The House Street:

Nearby is The House Street, the great trade route of the historic center of Avilés. Start at the Plaza of Spain and reach the market square, near the port area of Sabugo.

Enjoy your trip!

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