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Travel to the Island of Aruba

domingo, marzo 28th, 2010

Pirates in Aruba????? by *Michelle*(xena2542)-on/off flickr.

Aruba is one of the most popular destinations opr tourists in the world, especially when directed to vacation at one of the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, also called, and justly, «The Happy Island.» It has a total area of 184 km2, is located in the heart of the Caribbean, just 20 miles off the Venezuelan coast, and safe from the traditional path of hurricanes. Along with Bonaire and Curacao, part of the Netherlands Antilles, but since 1 January 1986 the nation became a separate State of the Netherlands, with the governor himself, though appointed by the Queen. It is by its history as a colony, the houses that decorate the charming streets of Oranjestad, the capital, exhibit very similar styles to those of Amsterdam. (más…)

Travel to paradise of Jamaica

lunes, noviembre 2nd, 2009

Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean island, located 85 km south of Cuba. On arrival the first impression and we confirm some myths: for example, beaches are paradisiacal, the sea is really a deep turquoise, the hotels have excellent care and are well equipped, Bob Marley is a legend really pervasive and that its nature is painted with thousands of colors that captivate us. (más…)

Canberra, a meeting in Australia

domingo, noviembre 1st, 2009

meeting in Australia

Canberra means, in native tongue, «meeting place». This name accurately reflects the strategic position of the Australian capital, built between the two largest cities of the island, Sydney and Melbourne (300 miles southwest of Sydney and 650 km northeast of Melbourne). It is the first Australian city planned and built from scratch in all respects a modern model city, where modernity co-exist with art and culture. (más…)

Puerto Rico is the land where the sun rises

miércoles, octubre 21st, 2009

Puerto Rico is the land where the sun rises

They say its inhabitants, Puerto Rico is the land where the sun rises. And the truth is not wrong, one can well appreciate and spent a few minutes in your soil. Puerto Rico is a complete world whose charm and character is unmatched.

Its capital city, San Juan dazzles us immediately. Their roads look like a picture painted in a surreal way, linking neighborhoods, each with its features and textures, each with distinct taste. (más…)

Forest of El Yunque, a paradise of Puerto Rico

miércoles, julio 29th, 2009

Thick vegetation, numerous species of trees, wild orchids and a rain that never stops, but do not bother, turn this site into something wonderful from the Sierra de Luquillo.

El Yunque is a rainforest on the island of Puerto Rico, specifically about 50 kilometers from the capital, San Juan. A place where they say many things from raining frogs until they have seen aliens, so with data like these, not to any itchy curiosity visit. Think that if you, miss the days, calculated as 4 hours and a half visit. (más…)

Jamaica, to the rhythm of Reggae

lunes, junio 29th, 2009

By Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, reggae made Jamaica a country known worldwide, also offers destinations Caribbean white sand beaches in a friendly and joyful.

«The land of forests and water» is the literal meaning of Xaymaca, the name you know the Taino, the native people who lived in this unique island when it was discovered by Christopher Columbus on May 4 of 1494. After many years of Spanish domination in 1655 was conquered by the British who introduced the planting of sugar cane. For cultivation, the large landowners put slave labor from Africa. These Africans, most migrants from India and China were the ones who shaped the real Jamaica «for many people, a people,» reads its motto, which reflects the Jamaican society and culture. (más…)

Natural Park Morne Trois Pitons – Dominica

viernes, junio 26th, 2009

Would you like exotic travel?. The typical travel when a friend commented on what you look puzzled face and think: What a trip … Well today we will give you the opportunity to take your exotic destination. And we will give you everything in one: travel, accommodation and enjoy. All in a very small area of ground. We are going to lead to the Morne Trois Pitons National Park on the island of Dominica. Do you dare to come? … (más…)

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