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Bogotá: El Tren de la Sabana

sábado, abril 17th, 2010

Ferrocarril de la Sabana de Bogotá, commonly known as the «Tren de la Sabana», was a company that provides rail transportation services since 1889 between the towns of the Metropolitan Area of Bogota. The Savannah Railway was settled in 1991 along with the National Railways of Colombia.

The construction of the railroad from Bogota to Facatativá was hired in 1873 and work began in 1882 by a private company. The work was suspended in 1885 due to riots, for this time and reached a length of 18 km. A new contract was concluded in 1886 to finish the work with the new «Railway Company of Savannah.» When the railway was opened in July 1889 its length was 40 km. In 1887 he was hired to build the line Zipaquirá; thereafter the Sabana Railway spread throughout the Bogotá peaked in 1953, with an approximate area of 200 km. (más…)

Paleontological and Geological Tourism in Neuquén

sábado, marzo 27th, 2010

Paleontological and Geological Tourism in Neuquén

For the past few years has been developing slowly in the province of Neuquen an activity that was unthinkable 15 years ago. We’re talking Paleontological Tourism, a resource that is an affordable alternative to the desert areas of Argentina. Today we can say that the province is leading in places as to paleontological resources due to the unceasing work of paleontologists, who have allowed the continued input of libraries allowing the construction of museums, plus spectacular pieces themselves year after year. (más…)

The most interesting tourist St. Petersburg

miércoles, febrero 17th, 2010

San Salvador sobre la sangre derramada - Сан-Сальвадоре пролилась кровь por Joan Nierga.

Yes Peter the Great were alive, could be called happy, his dream of becoming related reflected Russia with Europe lies in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, the second largest Russian city. In doing so, below are the most interesting tourist places, which we describe.

Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg:

Nestled in the Leningrad Region, formerly was called Petrograd and later and until 1991, Leningrad. That is why today we call it a city of three names. And until their part, trying to fathom the whys of a stylistically European city, occupying a space in the Russian territory. (más…)

10 beaches to visit Asia

sábado, octubre 10th, 2009

Phuket, Phi Phi, Kuta, Bunaken …They are the names of some of the most famous beaches in Asia. For its beauty, for their services, because there are some famous film made for whatever reason but their names sound and we are on the menu for travelers seeking the «secret beach». (más…)

The duero riverside – Castilla y León (Spain)

martes, agosto 18th, 2009

Between strains, the rate of two mills
Thick walls of an inn and a barbecue beside the river harbor on this earth castellana. A glass of Payment Carraovejas by the fireplace. By car, Quintanilla de Peñafiel to Onesimo
Send this article to nightfall seven. And this Saturday February the Castilian countryside offers visitors little cozy refuge in Quintanilla de Onesimo (the system is working to correct what it considered an error and writes nth), town of Valladolid face grim as the politician who made him famous, José María Aznar, who, from 1987 until its stages as president of the Government, went there to inaugurate their political courses. (más…)

Byblos, the oldest city in the world in Lebanon

jueves, julio 2nd, 2009

Maybe this city is a perfect unknown, but possibly we have the oldest city in the world. Byblos, located 45 minutes north of Beirut in Lebanon. Witness almost every era of human has seen the people of the Stone Age, the Phoenicians, the Amorites, Hittites, Egyptians, Persians, Macedonians, Greeks, Romans, Turks and French. Byblos was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1984. (más…)

Burma – The Golden Shwedagon Paya

martes, junio 30th, 2009
Shwedagon Paya Temple “Golden Pagoda” Yangon Myanmar Burma por :substance:.

Shwedagon is a religious place chaired by the beautiful large Estupa Shwadagon Paya (in Burma known as the stupas Payas) that are located in Yangon, the former capital of Burma. Inside you can find relics of the Buddha Siddharta Gautama and hair, making it the beach sacred in the country. (más…)

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