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Acqua Park, fun for the whole family in Brazil

sábado, octubre 24th, 2009

Acqua Park

To the northeast of Brazil about 15 km from Fortaleza, there is a gigantic water park ideal for those seeking a different holiday near the sea, has attractions other extreme and quieter.

Acqua Park:
Giving us this site is certainly a lot of water, plenty of sunshine and lots of fun. It is located in Porto das Dunas and collected several attractions, two resorts and a great beach on the Atlantic. This theme park is organized into ten different areas, all linked by a common theme.
The park’s main attraction is the Aqua Show, a very large bucket type which gives some 1,800 liters of water on visitors, 78 museums scattered cannons different platforms complement the water park scene. (más…)

Holiday on the beaches of Torrevieja – Alicante

miércoles, julio 22nd, 2009

Torrevieja, Torrevella or as they say in Valencia is a beautiful city of Valencia which is located in the province of Alicante on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and its coast and due to the fact that many Madrileños (Madril people) have chosen to live is also called the Playa de Madrid. (más…)

Goree, the Island of Senegal

viernes, mayo 8th, 2009

Among the many delights offered by the Senegal travel, one of the most accessible and is sensitive to less than one quarter of an hour browsing from Dakar.
Senegalese called Beer and Dutch Goede Reede renamed to finally keep the name of Gorée. Whoever comes here cannot but be fascinated by the magic of colored houses among gardens restallante emerging green. Since almost all the balconies is the sea and its sandy streets reflected in the footsteps of fishermen, small craft and a good amount of visitors that landed on the island each day, including many artists for inspiration. (más…)

Guayaquil – The Pearl of the Pacific

miércoles, abril 15th, 2009

Guayaquil, a city located in the Gulf of Guayaquil, with a larger feature on the coast of South America, on the banks of the Guayas River, is the largest of the Pacific coast of the Americas.

Surrounded by hills and stretches of water, its natural beauty and tropical dry forest make it one of the world’s best destinations for ecotourism, especially for birders. Within the same city, in its parks and gardens, especially in the Malecon, on the banks of the River, there are over 150 varieties of birds, many of them endemic, that is unique in the world. (más…)

A good way of getting to know Benidorm’s

miércoles, marzo 25th, 2009

Vista Benidorm

In Benidorm, between the castle and the island, the sea is as blue as the sky, and the sky as deep as the sea. Lapping at the city like an infinite mirror of sun and sky, the Mediterranean blends in with the horizon that acts as a backdrop to the island that rises up out of the blue. Few places have it all, but Benidorm is certainly one of them. Cosmopolitan and open, it is a city whose modern coastline and natural beauty provide the perfect backdrop to the flowering patios of the traditional whitewashed houses that climb the hillside up to the castle.
Benidorm, home to sea-faring adventurers and merchants, has always been a tantalising blend of past, present and future. The verses of Rafael Alberti’s poem Hombres de mar seem to be written for the town and its people, because beyond the worldly hustle and bustle, behind the busy beaches and the dazzling neon lights, lies a different Benidorm, a serene and unblemished world that stretches out to sea through its castle. (más…)

Huaraz, Peru City

jueves, marzo 5th, 2009

Huaraz is a city of Peru, capital of Ancash, and the province of Huaraz, as well as headquarters of the Regional Government of Ancash. The city is located in the central, south-east of the center of the department of Ancash, in the valley of the Saint, called «Callejón de Huaylas.»

Huaraz has several modern buildings, broad avenues and at different points on its periphery stand urbanisations Its attractive traditional neighborhoods Centennial, Belen, La Soledad, San Francisco and Huarupampa has not abandoned its original charm and attraction. (más…)

Cochabamba – The garden city of Bolivia

miércoles, febrero 25th, 2009

Located in the center of Bolivia, is located 2558 meters above sea level. Its capital is the city of Cochabamba.

It has an area of 55,631 Km.2, whose boundaries are: north to Beni, south to Potosi and Chuquisaca, Santa Cruz to the east, and west to La Paz and Oruro. The department of Cochabamba has a population of 1,110,205 inhabitants.


The climate of the department of Cochabamba varies with altitude, (más…)

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