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Tourist route to the Valley of Ayora – Cofrentes

From the western tip of the Valencian Community I strongly recommend this tourist route del Valle de Ayora - Cofrentes. Montroi Leaving from the start, by a long bridge at the other end of Montroi Royal, which is where it starts.

After a couple of miles to start and move beyond the suburbs, you climb through the orange groves. On the road up has pleasant views over a valley of crops, which you can view on your right, but soon enter a landscape of rolling hills covered by forests.

As the mountain road rises, it will have beautiful views extending as it passes between the Sierra del Ave on the right, with the Sierra del Caballón on the left. In km6 road opens to a mountain valley and just past there is a large building on the right a mile later, a twist in the road reveals the village of Dos Aguas, is seen as an unordered set of pile of sugar cubes (apparently) on the side of a hill in the distance.

Arriving in Dos Aguas, turn right Buñol up the right side of Meson. The rural road shaky Dos Aguas is perfectly passable and will take you through the glorious mountains, is one of the most beautiful valleys of the Valencian Community. Follow Cortes de Pallas, Gaeta and Cofrentes Sale.

You are now in the Valley of Ayora. This road has historically been an important north-south route, the route of communication and also marked the boundary between Christian and Muslim territories. The vineyards are common, but still are the beautiful views of pine forests, overshadowed by two huge cooling towers of nuclear power Cofrentes.

Tourist route to the Valley

On the opposite side of the valley, is the restored castle is Mount Arab Agras and an extinct volcano. Most people come to Cofrentes to take the waters at the spa modernist Hervideros (boilers). Built in 1908, Hervideros Spa is almost a small modern town, with a hotel, houses, gardens, swimming pools, fitness center, miniature golf, grocery store, a chapel, a theater, hair salon and gift shop. The scent of the pines and the air give it a touch of warmth, whether it is routine to see ladies and gentlemen mostly seniors who sit in the shade playing cards after their treatment in the baths, or walk roads. The volcanic activity keeps water at a constant warm temperature, and salts and minerals it contains are said to be beneficial for those suffering from rheumatism and joint problems, improves the digestive system for good. Even for the treatment of the feet, beauty treatments, massage, body peeling, among a host of other tangible benefits (due to water vapor and the action of the volcano).

Well continue to Ayora (25km) and a couple of miles ahead on the right to Jalance, since he sees the ruined 11th century castle, but as it gets a wonderful view of Valle de Ayora. While on a weekend or during the month of August, you can visit the Cave of Don Juan, 60,000 cubic meters of cave. We traveled 12 km drive through a creek that runs through the valley of Júcar.

The Ayora Valley cuisine is rich in food. The valley gives its name to the famous gazpacho ayorino, rabbit and chicken cooked with vermicelli and each city has its own little variation. Calducho, a stew of chicken, mushrooms, tomato and Parma ham is a specialty of Jarafuel, with its classic Cofrentes cofrentina pot, braised pork, potatoes, pinto beans and thistles (a plant of the thistle family) and Jalance, with its mashed potatoes, salt cod and tomatoes. Including, cranes, honey cakes, mead, pumpkin slices baked with honey.

The next stop is Jarafuel, which takes into tree plantations cultivated carefully so that its growth is in the form required for the Gallows, Jarafuel is also a major producer of rods in all shapes and sizes, including things that used to Tree carving and shaping of, lions, elephants, horses and other animals.

There are a number of small factories, but the Canes Martinez Calle Juan XXIII (separate commercial worth) has a great selection and if you can take a look at the factory, you see a strange variety of machinery used to bend, the strips , straightens, and canes.

Ten miles south of Jarafuel, Ayora, with 5,000 inhabitants, is fifty percent of the population of the entire valley. You enter through small Ayora corn and from the castle can keep a watchful eye on the town (as was done previously) that this low level.

The parish church of Our Lady of the Assumption has exhibited impressive samples of 16th century, the Tables of the Almedina Yanez and the Miracle of the Angel de Vicente López. The castle, more formally known as the Palace of the Duke of Infantado, where you can take one of the steep streets of the Plaza Mayor, the most beautiful route is through St. Nicholas Street, where all houses are painted white with a blue stripe outlining the doors and windows.

Honey has been produced in the Valle de Ayora since time immemorial and the quality of its production is governed by the Municipal Ordinances Valle de Ayora, which ensures high quality during the four centuries since 1344-1747. These days, the Cooperative Society of Spain Apicola craft production ensures that they still have their ancestral uses processes. If you want to know everything there is to know about this sweet product Ayora to visit during the last two weeks of October by the Court of La Miel. Honey and honey products can be purchased at stores throughout the valley.

Tourist route to the Valley of Ayora – Cofrentes

What you have to do on your tour are:

In Cofrentes:


Balneareo of Herviederos, Balneareo s / n. you can talk on the phone. 96 189 40 25 for more information.

In Jalance:

El Castillo. Admission is free. So the camera and already!

Cueva de Don Juan. Open every day during the month of August.

In Jarafuel:

Canes Martínez, Calle Juan XXIII 12. Tel 96 219 81 25. Manufacture of forks and poles (natural forks and poles).

In Ayora information telephone numbers 96 219 1025 Hall:

Our Lady of the Assumption. Parish Church.

Fortaleza Palacio del Duque. Castle ruins.

Where to eat?

Well after the journey or during this tour you will come a voracious appetite, and that is why I have quoted some of the places you can go eat and try food from this part of Spain, this especially for those who are foreign and know nothing of the place, this information will fall from great!.


Balneareo of Hervideros Restaurant, tel. 96 189 40 69. Confirm opening hours and table.


Jalance Hostel, Calle Mayor 9. Call 96 219 60 48 Tel. Open for lunch and dinner. Restaurant Hotel del Valle, Columbus 41. Tel 96 189 70 00. Jarafuel

Restaurante El Molino, Municipal Pool, Camino Molino s / n. Tel 96 219 81 53. Open daily for lunch and dinner.


There are many cafes and tapas bars and meals. To test the ayorino gazpacho.

Restaurants Los Molinos, Michael Mols without number, phone 96 219 1068 a good place to eat, with acepso and ample parking for all types of vehicles, the comidada is home and with very good menus, all sorts of dishes to sample and taste.

Restaurante El Rincon, Calle Parras 10. Tel 96 219 1705.

Where to stay or sleep?

Well to complete the post I can not inform the tourists who are friends I have a selection of some well-known sleeping accommodation where you can find below details. Ayora

We already know us by web nuetra, Villa de Ayora is without doubt the best hotel accommodation and Ayora, contact phone 96 219 1068.

Palazo lodging is located at a Ayora you were only a mile away, is a country house can sleep more than four groups of up to twelve people their phone number is 689 018 503.


Julia Cottage, a rural accommodation in the village of Zarra, an old house, but fully restored and a good place to sleep, your information 619 843 640 or from the 20 hours can call 96 349 9075.


Balneareo of Hervideros, tel. 96 189 40 69.


Jalance Hostel, Calle Mayor 9. Tel 96 219 60 48. Basic

Ferdi House, 12 Church Street. Tel 610 27 67 08. Refurbished casino (village meeting place) in the old town below the castle.

Decoration of agricultural products trinkets and antiques.


Farmhouse Rufina, School 11. Tel 96-21980-56 / 616-30-7240.

Well before the end of them I have any additional information you will like, especially those who are new to their tour of the area there are doing.

Tourist information Ayora:

Ayora Tourist Office, Calle San Francisco in the same house culture, and 96 189 0062 96 219 1025, Open every day of the year.

Tourist Information Cofrentes:

Tourism Office, Plaza de la Iglesia. Phone. 96 189 4316. Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm.

Tourist information Jalance:

Jalance Tourist Office is at Calle Industria 11. Phone. 96-189-7171. Open Tuesday to Friday 10am-2pm, Saturday 9am to 2pm, Sunday 11am-2pm.

Good luck!

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