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Villa de Ayora in Valencia we offer you some offers lodgings and accommodation during the months of October and November 2010 and offers cottages for the months of January, February and March, October and November 2011.

Children under 5 years of extra beds throughout the year carries no surcharge if you want to bring what is absolutely free, we offer you park cots for babies and all the houses are well equipped as it is not necessary or bring blankets or sheets, some rooms to mount extra bed for children and all the houses so we recommend you do not confirm to have it ready at the entrance to accommodation.

Offer of the cottages 2010

It is valid for advance bookings of seven days and the signal corresponding to 50% for confirmation, from October 13 to November 30 with a discount of 20 percent for all rural accommodation for two, four groups of people and rural hotel rooms Villa de Ayora, these offers remain rural accommodation during the dates indicated.

Offer of the cottages 2011

Valid for all bookings with more than seven days ahead and as always with the signal for confirmation that tenders will be for dates from January 4 until March 31, from October 13 to one December this offer is for all apartments and cottages of Villa de Ayora.

Promotions for 2011

The promotions for next year will be some activities or excursions, are included in the price, which is preparing a tourist route through the area with a guide. To enjoy your stay to all those who are staying at Villa de Ayora least the weekend.

Rural accommodation options

In Villa de Ayora in the province of Valencia has excellent accommodation options for different kinds of travelers visiting the valley or want to come and stay in the interior of Valencia, in our rural hotel is an ideal place to stay for both Business travelers and leisure tourists.

For the various tourist destinations in the Region are full of historical sites and cultural landscape and environment no doubt in this wonderful town of Ayora, so we recommend that if they lose no opportunity to meet one occasion and in turn save you visit money with our special offers we have available.

Villa de Ayora Contact

If you wish to contact us this is our phone and Mobile (+34) 962 191 068 and (+34) 661 921 142 from nine in the morning until ten at night is available phones.

Request information from the reservation page and fill receive your request to contact by email, which will respond in the course of day. "Go to the reservation."

For questions and suggestions have a chat, if you want to ask any subject or questions you have. "Enter the barnner" "contact Ayora village."

Every day work is done cleaning so the time is twelve noon to two public holidays and three in the afternoon until six, so please if you do not want to not communicate not to disturb the people staying in our houses or hotel rooms in our country, every three days will be required to change the sheets and towels every two, if you want some more! or is the change it can ask the cleaning lady or the same owners.

Villa de Ayora is a rural housing which has more quality in the province of Valencia and more tourists are around the farmhouse, so we worry about giving the customer the highest quality and comfort available to travelers.

Free WiFi Internet connection in all rural houses and cottages of Villa de Ayora.

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