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To come to the Valle de Ayora is simple, the site is located southwest of the province of Valencia, near the neighboring Albacete, Ayora is the most important town in the valley of Ayora-Cofrentes is located at kilometer 120 of the National 330, whose location is very easy to follow the recommendations that we bring to you below.

Pathways of arrival:

El Valle de Ayora is a place which has good access to arrival. The following are the routes to reach their destination.

To go from Valencia (A-35) or Alicante (A-31) can be accessed or come Ayora on the freeway to connect with the A-31 to Albacete, Almansa to deviate in the road that tells you Ayora, Teruel and Zaragoza, take the road once Ayora is located 20 miles is a very good trip and short, with a good asphalt almost no curves.

To move from Valencia to Madrid or vice versa for the A-3 will be diverted in Requena, direction and Almansa Ayora where it will travel about 60 miles to reach their destination, they found upon entering the first village Valle and the last is Cofrentes Ayora.

To go from Albacete and Madrid, access to Ayora is also fast, very comfortable without leaving the A31 motorway, which was abandoned in Almansa Ayora direction and Requena, Teruel. Ayora is 85 kilometers from Albacete on the freeway and there is a road from the same Albacete Ayora ending where the route is 77 miles directly coming across a few people in the same province as Casas de San Juan and Alatoz, is very While asphalt is a road you get comfortable there are only a few turns, so we advise you to respect the signals.


The other means of transport to get to Valle de Ayora is listed below.

Airplane, you can reach the Valle de Ayora by two airports, both domestic and international flight. For flights to Valencia and Alicante airports have this option.

Train, the nearest railway station is 21 km Almansa., Are also coming of Villena Xativa and 55 km's of Valencia (North Station) is located about 120 km

Bus, bus stations are near Ayora Xativa and Valencia, both outputs Ayora bound by the N-430 and the N-3 through Requena. Also be accessed from the bus station in Albacete, the stop is that of Almansa to 21 km. from which you can take a taxi to Ayora.

I'll leave you a google map to observe exactly where we are located and get a good travel, can make it bigger and smaller be able to move the maps to see how they come without any problem by all provinces and towns can also put out and arrival at Villa de Ayora.

Location where there is the Valley of Ayora - Cofrentes within the Region to the east of Albacete with the province bordering on Maps below.

If you have any questions please contact us, no problem we will explain any questions you have and explaining where our location and call us at (0034) 962 191 068 and (0034) 661 921 142.

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