Whales off the coast of South Africa

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On our trip to South Africa, one of the objectives was to see whales. One of the best places for whale watching and cetaceans in general, is the city of Hermosillo. Hermanus itself lies between Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope and Cape Aguilas (the southernmost point of Africa), without a couple of hours drive from Cape Town.

Whales off the coast of South Africa


Whales Coast of South Africa:

If you want to see whales, you should go to Hermanus near Gansbaai, of which more anon. This small town lives of tourists who come to see the whales. The best time for whale watching is between June and December. But in November where the whales have had their young and themselves closer to the coast.

In Hermanus they can watch whales from the same «port» or viewpoint, and have prepared a parking lot and then go to a restaurant or mall. From whale watching there are places to sit (bleachers and benches) at rest and observe the infinite ocean. The more daring can be downloaded to the rocks is not dangerous, although it depends on the waves there that day. Along the coast of Hermanus have a way with panels explaining the lives of whales, their characteristics, ways of viewing, among other things.

Seeing whales in Hermanus:

In early August you can see some whales from the coast lines that are immersed in a water jet. Please remember to carry warm clothes because they can make eternal hope and the cold is present. There is a museum in Hermanus if you want more information about the area and the southern right whale.

the coast of South Africa

Photography by exfordy

Gansbaai and the white shark:

Gansbaai is right in front of Hermanus, only separated by a wide gulf. From Gansbaai there are many activities for whale watching. But Gansbaai is known for activities that are performed to see the great white shark from there you can go by boat and throw in a cage for you «attack» the great white shark for 20 minutes.

The coffee bar in Gansbaai near the rocks, is the perfect place for whale watching while you eat breakfast. This place is famous because it is «easy» to see whales from the terrace and have breakfast. Seeing it is a matter of time and patience.

Coastal road of whales:

Our route takes us to South Africa Cape Town, towards Franschoek and Hermanus there. The return to Hermanus we can do for the coast of whales, we can say that is the stretch of coast road R44. From Hermanus you must take and once there R43 to R44 deviate it is a winding road that will allow you to see the ocean in which a few kilometers will appear in the road if there are no cars parked in the same lane.

View from the coast of whales in South Africa:

It was on this road where you can better see the whales, you can easily see the lines, water jets and jumps while driving or can stand waiting to see the show. The road is highly recommended for sighting, just drive carefully.

Restaurants Hermanus:

You can go to eat at the Ocean Basket, which is a restaurant chain that features seafood with fish in the area. This was the first to be created and given its fame itself Ocean Basket opened more restaurants in South Africa as a string.

whales from the coast lines

Photography by Andrew Deacon

Enjoy a fantastic journey in the land of South Africa!

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