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Anticipating, go in low season, travel to arm himself, take low-cost airlines, airports move into alternative use of loyalty programs … There are many things you can do to minimize the cost of travel.

Travel economy class

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It is possible to unlearn the mental calculator that multiplies all four or five every time we travel? How to buy without guilt this souvenir of the Eiffel Tower when we get home we left lying on every corner? Traveling is getting more expensive, even in Argentina. Fuel, passages and even the prices of the hotels increased summer to summer. However, this is no excuse for not taking the trip of your life. Taking some precautions and planning the itinerary, it is possible to travel on budget: just have a little imagination and follow certain tips that do not fail.

Anticipation is always the best resource for the perfect price for a trip. It is advisable to research the Internet and evaluate good options. If you plan your journey ahead is likely to have more flexibility to the date of departure and arrival times, helping you find cheaper tickets.

Undoubtedly, the passages represent a significant portion of the budget. However, it is possible to shrink spending. A recently published study that says that in an industry as competitive as the airline is always good to anticipate two or three months. But it is also true that the offers can occur at any time. Tourism is very dynamic and the rates change according to supply and demand.

Another tip is to choose alternative airports: You can beat the price, but be careful because it depends on the destination. In Argentina, never be the same land in Salta in Jujuy, for example.

There are certain places where it is also determining the day of the week when traveling. «In North America, is more expensive to travel on a Friday night on a Tuesday morning.
¿Hotel, hostel or tent?

Another major expense when traveling is the accommodation. If you are adventurous and likes the outdoor life, surely have no problem uploading your sleeping bag and hit the road with a few pesos. But if your plan is different, there are some tips to help you not spend a fortune on a hotel. If you want to save, it is best to travel in low season, as they not only escape the crowds, but it will get better hotel rates. The discount can reach up to 50 percent.

Book a room at the outskirts of a big city can be much cheaper than in the center. If you are a tourist, may agree to stay on the outskirts of the city and even rural tourism. But if it is a business trip, is not ideal. What you save on accommodation in the suburbs spent on transport or meals, the food is usually cheaper.

Also reduce costs to stay in a room with kitchen and use the loyalty programs. Plans are offered by international chains or groups of hotels that are integrated to provide benefits to our loyal customers, so when you stay more often in the same hotel, you can get free nights.

As to whether it is advisable to cash or credit card, experts say that both have pros and cons. Often, credit card payments may be more advantageous, since all amounts are converted into dollars at official exchange rate.

When pay is the same card or cash. But if you want to withdraw money with a credit card costs can vary widely depending on the issuing bank. Thus, the withdrawal of money is more expensive than the option with credit card.

A final recommendation is to notify the bank before leaving the country on the destination and travel dates, and expenses are recorded when rare, the authorization of credit card purchase may take longer than usual.

Promotions and discounts:

Around the world, but especially in Europe, there are discounts and agreements that can not be set aside. For example, presenting the boarding pass certain airlines get discounts at bars, restaurants and some museums.

On the other hand, do not rule out public transport. In most large cities there are passes for a day or a month. The more you use, cheaper. In Machu Picchu, for example, you can save 50 percent on the Inca Trail and the entrance. With a little imagination and, above all, lots of information, the holiday will be an incredible moment!

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