Tours and travel advice to Warsaw

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Tours and travel advice to Warsaw

Few cities in the world have risen from the ashes so hard and fast as Berlin and in the present case, Warsaw, Poland’s capital. Torn to the ground after the Blitz of World War II, the Polish people did not take long to grit my teeth and begin the daunting task of rebuilding the city, taking great care in the Old Town (Stare Miasto).

Tours and travel advice to Warsaw

Photography by Jaroslaw Pocztarski

The result to date is a city of sharp contrasts between the period buildings of the city center and the endless gray cement neighborhoods on the periphery, where the majority of its inhabitants. The new buildings of modern design have finished adding more contrast to the set.


Photography by jakub.szestowicki

Warsaw gradually unwinds also the image of city gray and cold communist Eastern Europe, where social and industrial unrest were the order of the day. It is time for a full city of the European Economic Community, and it shows in the streets, who have experienced new economic and social revolution. Trade is the true protagonist and his people, despite the latitude, are very helpful and friendly, always willing to lend a hand to the confused traveler.

The historic center is all pedestrian can walk to the edge of Visla. Stare Miasto addition, another major player in the city, its parks, vast expanses of green scattered everywhere, some are real forests.

What to see in a day?

A good day (well used) would visit first, a stroll through the Old Town (Stare Miasto). Highlights include the Old Town Square and surrounding streets. It is also interesting to climb the building of the Museum of Science and Culture. It is a gift to him by the communist government to the Polish people (it is a giant 30 stories high, where you can get wonderful views of the city). The Poles did not have much appreciation for this «gift» because they say it is a representation of the oppression of the Polish people by the communists. Regardless of these considerations, it is a magnificent building and its interior can enjoy theater, a number of museums, exhibitions.

Nor should we leave without visiting Warsaw Lazienki Park, former summer residence of Polish kings. It is a beautiful and gigantic romantic park where we enjoy a wonderful ride. And with some luck you can see plenty of squirrels among the trees. There are also lakes (frozen in winter) and classical buildings.

Warsaw to Tours

Photography by popmisa

Some tips:

– Warsaw is very cold between November and March (-10 / 0 º C) and very hot in July and August (30 º C). Avoid those months if you prefer to enjoy moderate temperatures.

– The movement in Poland by train is very economical and reliable.

– Sometimes the accommodation in private apartments out much cheaper and is more comfortable than hotels.

– Try to change money at the Kantors (private exchange offices) is in the middle of cities (not at the airport or hotel, where commissions are much higher).

– Since Easter is very cheap flights from Barcelona to Krakow with low-cost airline SkyEurope.

Bon voyage!

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