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 Hotel Bora Bora - Blair Cup 2007 por Super Starfish.

We are all accustomed to the typical postcard view of Polynesia, where the turquoise waters tempt us and these beautiful bungalows, but if we go visiting others around here consider only dream that these cards belong to many exclusive resorts, where the fee is to be accommodated per day. If we are willing to go as there are cheaper, in the place there pensions and family homes that provide lodging.

Bora Bora
The budget for these is also in euros, but is more like the typical backpacking trip through Europe is done. In this case, the dream images of the postcards will not appear for long, only rarely. Most often will run into wild landscapes, having to do much hiking and short sea, but many moves in small planes.

Bora and Surf por E&G PhotoPage.

Among the options are all pensions, of which have air conditioning and beautiful decor to rustic cabins with almost no service. To be on the safe found no surprises we recommend consulting the Pensions page or Tahiti Tahiti Tourisme is important to assess among those being sought and the price, to avoid inconvenience and disappointment.

In the hotels change euros and dollars to euros but the rate is fixed (119.33 francs per unit peaceful) while for the dollar tends to vary between 69 and 72 CPF dollar. For this reason I say that it is advisable to keep euros.

To visit the area a week you will do. At this time you can carry a good snapshot. You know Bora-Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, Ta and Wahini. Undoubtedly Bora-Bora and Moorea are preferred by tourists. The others you mentioned are also dream but a wilder.

Oceania Ozeanien Tahiti por doc.holiday41(Off for one week).

If you want to go a little further you can opt for the Marquesas and Tuamotu islands. To visit various islands good is Air Pass, a coupon is offered on Air Tahiti you can opt for 3, 5 or 6 tranches in one or several archipelagos. Rondalos227 fare and 171 euros for children.

Another good option is a cruise. The most luxurious are the Tahitian Princess and the Paul Gauguin and small Tia Moana and Tu Moana.

Reports in Bora Bora Cruises

The high season in the area is from June to October & Christmas. The fall is from November to April, because it is the season when more rain. The temperature throughout the year does not vary much, only 5 º (25 º in winter and 30 degrees in summer). In July is the month of choice for families with children.

The hotels usually do not include breakfast in their rates, so you should consider that a breakfast has approximately 30u $ s and an average of 80 meals or $ S per person.

If you’re going to these shores long walks thinking it is better to change your course if it is true that the sea has a magnificent turquoise, the beaches are not very extensive. They are volcanic islands, the sand is not great, is coral or black. In Bora some of its hotels tend to have artificial beaches of white sand but shorter.

Traditional Polynesian Dances por Striderv.

Enjoy your long journey to Polynesia!

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