Tips for tourists in Bucharest

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A few days ago we made a weekend getaway to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and as good guests we blended into the environment. But the camera to his chest betrayed us all the time. This article, far from being a comprehensive guide aims to give some advice.

Tips for tourists in Bucharest

Photography by garycycles7

Arrival in Bucharest:

When we got to the airport (and also in the city) we will find plenty of taxis available. Beware! The driver’s smile is not a factor indicating the quality of service. In Bucharest there are two types of taxi: those operated by a company, generally good, and independents generally bad (expensive). Taxis are distinguished by good bear the name and phone numbers of the company they are associated with clearly visible. Although taxis do everything bad to look like them. In any case we must look at the rates per mile than usually seen in the side doors. Independents tend to operate in large tourist areas and at the airport, Gara de Nord, Piata Universitatii, Piata Unirii and Casco Viejo.

If our choice is the train will arrive at Gara de Nord. In principle no problem but we must remember that as a point of arrival of tourists the place is full of hustlers willing to take advantage of unsuspecting, especially those who arrive with a backpack. The tactic they use is the classic, someone approaches you, distracts you from one side and a buddy you put your hand on the other. Best to avoid problems is to get the hell out of there by taxi, tram or metro.

Visiting Bucharest:

Walking around town is very pleasant because there are many parks and recreational areas but do pay attention to avoid disappointment.

Visiting Bucharest

Photography by m0n5t3r

Signaling works:

This is something that does not seem to give much importance and «mess up» in a ditch is relatively easy if we walk clueless.

Crossing the street in Bucharest:

Before crossing the street look both ways and then look again. A green light is no guarantee free passage and is very, very common for cars to pass at high speed in red. The main artery of Bucharest, Calea Victoriei, looks more like a racetrack than a normal street.

Stray dogs in Bucharest:

Bucharest is said that there are many stray dogs. In my area there was little while strolling through a park or grooves are some as in any city. Common sense dictates that we be careful because having no owner can not be vaccinated or have diseases. In my case I found only one a little rabiosillo (or rather scared) I barked in Calea Victoriei. In general they are seen with their tails between their legs.


Photography by Vasenka


We do not use the car but is it is very difficult to park. But if you find a few kind people who where and how to do it, do not forget to give them a couple of LEI (Romanian currency) in gratitude and to «take care of you car.»

One of the myths of Bucharest says you can cross the city from end to end without touching the ground. Being an exaggeration think it would be possible to do jumping from car to car because when parking anywhere is good. Give a stroll through the Old Town to check.

Dangerous areas in Bucharest:

Like in every city there are places where it is better not to go, especially after dark. In Bucharest they are Gara de Nord, Pantelimon and Ferentari. A night visit will give us many ballots to end bad night.

Beyond these places remember that only the main streets of Bucharest have adequate lighting so do not go out after dark adventure patrol outside the school.

Where to eat in Bucharest:

If you go to a restaurant you should know that tips are not included in the bill and it is customary to leave at least 10%. Speaking of restaurants I will mention the most famous of Bucharest, Caru cu bere. If you go say that you should wait a minimum of 15 minutes, they really mean 45 or who have no idea. The place is amazing, the food is very good.

As for food, in principle tap water is drinkable but its metal content and high concentration of chlorine can not make it advisable to drink it. And besides this, do you think of something else?.

Finally, in subsequent deliveries that we discover this great city should not miss on any European tour in Eastern Europe. Talk about the good treatment and kindness of our relatives Latinos.

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