Tips for sleeping in airports

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Who has not encountered the situation of losing a flight or a link at night, or have a link of aircraft with a few hours apart at an airport at night, or a flight is canceled by bad weather, and could not find a hotel the night before the next flight or, has traveled on a tight budget and wanted to save the last night in a hotel before dawn to take off.

Tips for sleeping in airports

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So we recommend a number of essential items you should take with you if you bought a plane ticket, because you will be playing (insurance or by chance) to sleep in an airport. In addition, it appears that there are airports in the world who are more comfortable in them can sleep easier than others, so here are some useful tips.

Tips to consider sleeping in an airport:

– Keep an alarm clock, not a good idea to fall asleep and miss yet another flight. You can use a mobile phone as an alarm clock. At some airports, security guards also wake up the sleeping people, but you should not be raised by anyone.

– Be careful with the bags and suitcases to carry by hand. Never leave your luggage alone, since the first danger is that you steal them, but the second is the very security of airports, which are required to remove abandoned bags at the airport to avoid the risk of attacks. In all airports are places to leave the bags, but pay attention to the timings of the site, as it could be that your flight leaves before they open the box office. Many airports have ticket machines.

– Use locks on your bags or suitcases to secure from theft. We suggest you use your property as a cushion.

– Find a good place to sleep at the airport. Avoid areas where there is an influx of people, for example, near the restrooms, since it is a place where you can be a lot of people come and go. Look for a seat without arms, if none, seeking some kind of comfortable seating. A final option is to sleep on your arms on a table, sitting in a chair.

– It’s a good idea to bring a blanket, or use something that can serve as a blanket. Generally, at night is quite cold at airports, so we recommend that you cherish.

– It is also advisable to bring food and drink if you have to spend a few hours at the airport, since the prices of airport shops, are often excessive. Be careful with the rules of traveling with liquids as they might not let you go drink bottles, depending on their capacity, in policing the airport.

– If you travel in groups, can be fun to have someone take some kind of board game for people who can not sleep. Playing cards, Parcheesi and chess, the hours pass much faster.

– So if you’re in a hurry at an airport, do not hesitate to connect to the Internet, and check if you’ve been lucky to stay «stuck» in a good or bad airport, and what advice they continue to sleep well at that airport, because advice from other users like you lived the same situation. If not, you always have the option to book a hotel on the Internet!

Good Luck!

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