The hotel Rural «La Noria del Cabriel»

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The two-star hotel La Noria del Cabriel, specialised in rural tourism, stands in Casas del Río on the banks of the River Cabriel, in Valencia province. The area where the Rivers Cabriel and Júcar run together lies 95 kilometres away from Valencia. Casas del Río is a district of Requena, where you can enjoy spectacular landscapes, excursions through the natural countryside and tasty, traditional cooking.

The town’s old schools were refurbished to house what is nowadays the Hotel La Noria del Cabriel. The hotel’s construction respects the original distribution along with its bio-climatic advantages. The establishment has nine double rooms, one of them adapted for persons with impaired mobility. The hotel also has a restaurant serving local food with capacity for 60 guests.

La Noria del Cabriel has undertaken the commitment to promote eco-tourism in the area and to involve tourists in managing a healthy environment and in not wasting resources by having all its facilities apply systems for saving energy, biodiesel and water, by encouraging consumption and purchase of foodstuffs produced with ecological agricultural techniques and by having its own eco-shop. The hotel guarantees a quiet stay in contact with nature and encourages eco-tourism excursions in the surrounding area.

Each route has a file on the trekking excursions, with a detailed description of the path to be followed, technical information on altitudes, durations and a series of sections that are useful when going out with children. The guide offers a selection of mountain routes adapted for children and parents, with varying levels of difficulty and which are representative of the districts that the park.

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