The best tracks for winter sports in the old continent

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In the roulette of the continents, Europe has won all the prizes in the field, in terms of stations for practicing winter sports in the snow. Every year thousands and thousands of fans and lovers of snow sports come to live with winter sports like skiing and snowboarding to name just two. But everyone knows that the main attraction is the ski mountain, and for that we go to the grain in this virtual tour to show the stations to choose from.

The Spanish Pyrenees, the French Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada, French Alps, French Central System, the Swiss Alps, Italian Alps and the Dolomites are the most prominent if not the best known among tourists who come for this type of tourism.

Each of the stations built around these clumps, provides comfort, luxury care, and solutions to potential problems that may arise. Also have ski schools, spas and recreation centers. and those who refuse to put on his skis can choose to do activities of climbing, mountaineering and climbing.

At present, due to the amount of cheaper fares, the busiest places are France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

Ski in Europe:

There, tourists arrive with the role of sports in comfort without having to leave the stations to undertake social activities.

In Spain the best stations are scheduled: the Sierra Nevada, Baqueira Beret, the de Boi-Taull, the station Cerler, Formigal ski resort, Candanchú and Astun. All these services offer a fairly uniform list.

In Andorra, another favorite for skiers geographical points, is usually populate the station Pas de la Casa, Grau Roig center, the ski Soldeur, downtown El Tarter and Pal Arinsal Station.

In France, meanwhile, professionals and amateurs attending the station of Tignes, Avoriaz center.,-Orelle to Val Thorens, at the ski resort Alpe d Huez and the center of Courchevel.

Arriving in Italy, the snow looks stations in Breuil-Cervinia, Sestriere and Marivella.

Now, why skiing generates so large cooperative structures around their practice? Those who are devoted to explain this by saying that sport is an activity that causes more adrenaline in the body, and that leads to their lovers to travel the world (in this case a continent) for clues to achieve it.

Now it’s time to make a detailed record of the flow which has some of the stations we have been mentioning.

We moved to the French Alps, the station Clusaz, Annecy near the alpine village. So close to this town that the center puts on quality architecture and decoration of the place: wooden houses not very tall and rustic atmosphere. Both in town and in the resort you can enjoy the service of bars and restaurants to take advantage of the passing offer the resort. Now Bubbly Pyrenees of Girona, Vall de Nuria station. There is a big center, only just five miles of trails for beginners and experts can challenge each other to a duel in the snow.

For the first challenge is on the alpine zone, where a downhill slide capped the invites. The latter have their challenge in the Pala Boja, a drop that reveals a very demanding connoisseur. This is a good place to concur with the family due to its terrain and its not very extensive menu of services for children and adults.

In Valle d’Aosta, Italy, Courmayeur station at the foot of Mont Blanc. The wealthiest love this site perplexed snow, where skiers have all the amenities at your disposal. Just below 1200 meters, the village charm than its surroundings, proposing a special climbing holiday between skiing and leisure.

Now is the turn of Spain. In Granada we know the station facilities Sierra Nevada. Located at 32 km. of the city, this center is coveted because it bears the best sunlight of the region. Accommodation, restaurants, shops, clubs, skate parks, pharmacy, medical center, relaxation center and nursery on the list of services this winter site.

The best tracks for winter sports in the old continent

And we return to Italy. Stopover in the Northwest, we reached the station the Dolomites, a place prepared for all kinds of winter sports. Although one can say that the famous Costina d Ampezzo and Madonna di Campiglio Complex are two other sites in which touch and taste a good dose of skiing. In the area coveted by Italian there be ideal sites for learning. Is the case of Campo Felice Resort a place that, with 16 ski schools, ideal for beginners presented eager to get started in the activity. Another place is the Ski Formigal, this is one of the favorites of those seeking properties become eminent skiers and is considered the largest ski resort around the Spanish territory. As this is an area prepared for skiers of all types, Formigal has tracks intended for use by different groups; Cantates for beginners, and Sarrios Izas for average skiers, and three men for advanced skiers.

Ski in Italy:

Sestriere has 111 red slopes, 52 blue and 40 black. Cervina-Breuil, meanwhile, has 26 red, 10 blue and 6 black. And Marilleva, another complex, gives us the provision of 9 red, 19 blue and 4 black.
More specifications would be superfluous. Europe is today the world capital of skiing, and countries that compose the main stations for the sport. It could be Spain, Italy or France could be, for that matter. Land-hungry skiers, mountains with their peaks in height, warm a person who, at the foot of the big massifs, welcomes visitors with warmth and comfort.

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