Social networks for free travel

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No need to save for years to travel the world. He was born a new way to share resources and interests and social networks that are found to travel. It is without doubt the best way to travel free while living a much more comprehensive and integrated in the country you visit. Networks are spanning five continents, just need a bit of curiosity, interest in learning about other cultures and be willing to be generous as others are with you.

Social networks for free travel

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We selected some of the networks that are emerging under Internet and that open new doors to travel at minimum cost (if you know of others, do not hesitate to share) because these networks are based on this principle, as we are, the more we have to offer.


It has nearly one million members worldwide and through network and have conducted more than 300,639 housing aid experiences and success. Operation is simple, you must register and complete a form to be part of the community. When a member is traveling the couchsurfers consultation living in the vicinity of the destination, contact them and explains their journey, these in turn provide information on the site, details of interest and can help you plan your route, plus to offer accommodation.

Membership does not require the community to provide accommodation or accept requests that you arrive, although it is understood that if you enjoy the hospitality of others, it is expected that you also work with yours.

The philosophy of Couchsurfer not intended to provide free hotel rooms, but to create links between travelers and promote tolerance, so if you’re staying in a house, you are a member and you must help in the tasks of living.

networks for free travel

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It is a new website that attempts to unify supply and demand for transport by car, so one hand will allow you to travel to a much lower cost and is also environmentally friendly. Operates on two simple forms, one called «Want to bring someone?, For offering places in your car, and another under the heading Do you want to ride?, For which you want to move and find a means of transport.

One of its biggest advantages is that it is in Castilian, unlike many other social networks that are born under the protection of an Anglo-Saxon mentality, more open to such exchanges.

Hospitality Club:

It is one of the largest communities. It is a network of travelers who exchange help and hospitality. The club membership is not required to host other people, but we recommend that if you use the service also contribute something to the Net work. You can learn more through the experience of other users, this is an interview with one of its members.


He was born in the heart of culture blogger. It is offering bed more than you have in your house blogger who visits your city. The experiment was born in India, but has since spread to other countries.


Combine the trip with tolerance and solidarity. People from 130 countries across 6 continents participate in the network, which offers hospitality among travelers as a way to share resources and learn about other cultures.

If you’re running organized trips, do not worry, these communities will help you plan your trip. In no money you can find the most varied options to get free accommodation and other new ideas for transportation agencies such as hitchhiking.


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And you’ve already been part of this experience? If so, leave us your comments…

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