Salvador de Bahia: color, art and music

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Salvador de Bahia is one of the most important tourist destination in Brazil for a thousand reasons. Its colorful scene, music, culture, gastronomy and its splendid beaches, to name a few.

Salvador de Bahia

Photography by Bruno Girin

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions of Salvador is the joy of its people, is considered the most creative city in Brazil and is also inherited many cultural events are rooted in indigenous folklore, but grow into the future, miscegenation, innovation in every way.

In the old town of Salvador de Bahia is not difficult to find real estate in Brazil. Market Model we see exhibitions like the famous «capoeira» or climbing the Lacerda Elevator, which is the largest American public elevator. Then you most want, a stroll through the colorful streets, enjoy the many beaches and a rich gastronomy.

Learning capoeira:

Salvador de Bahia is one of the best places to learn capoeira, a blend of martial arts and music that comes from the slaves who disguised their workouts with music and dance steps as they were forbidden to practice fighting and physical training .

This curious dance and art has crossed borders and is now known around the world, where there are schools where you learn to move as the elegant capoeira dancers, with their characteristic white dress and flying kicks to the beat of the drums.

Attractions of Salvador de Bahia

Photography by irene nobrega

Colonial past

Salvador was the colonial capital and the capital of Brazil until 1763 when she moved to Rio de Janeiro. Its colonial past is evident from day one can see the architectural value of buildings.

Places such as Pelourinho is recognized as a World Heritage Site since 1985 and has overall a great place colonial baroque which is the most important in America, according to UNESCO. Trade in sugar cane Reconcavo Baiano and gold mines, helped fund between 1600 and 1872, some 20,000 buildings in the city. Many of the churches and stately homes were built with materials Pelourinho and tiles imported from Portugal. Only the Church of San Francisco, the richest of Brazil, collects 800 kilos of 18 karat gold.


The urban beaches frequented both tourists and locals. There is a panoramic bus that runs all beaches. It is a good option to visit them all, especially those furthest from the center. Enjoy a leisurely tour and descasar the sun on any of them, Stella Maris or Itapoá would be two good choices.


The Salvador Carnival is color and music, especially music. The most popular rhythms of the region are the Axe, the Pagode, Forró, the Arroyo, and Samba. The Carnival in Salvador de Bahia is one of the biggest parties in the world who can attend. Is very different from Rio de Janeiro, because it develops in the streets (not in a Sambodromo) and the whole city was full of frantic rhythms in which visitors can participate.

Salvador de Bahia: color, art and music

Photography by Rodrigo Sá

Is considered the largest festival in the world (Guinness Book of Records recorded the parade route as the biggest party on the planet). Electric trios, trucks on which are mounted amplifiers and a stage where bands play, walk through three official circuits. Behind them, more than two million people will travel, dancing and jumping 25 km of streets and avenues.

If not visit Salvador Carnival time, you can also enjoy its rhythms in so-called «blocos» Carnival (local bands) that test all year.

Market Model:(Mercado Modelo)

It is the most popular with tourists. There you can buy souvenirs of Bahia, see a demonstration of capoeira and buy local crafts. Just below the current market, you can visit the underground dungeons where slaves were confined coming from Africa before the auction. The facilities are the living testimony of the city’s colonial past and it is impressive to see how the basement is filled with water at high tide and imagine the living conditions of thousands of people who passed through this prison.

Ah! And do not forget to witness the sunset from the «Farol da Barra.» You can watch the magnificent sunset over the Bay of All Saints.

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