Rural Tourism – On the small islands canary – Part I

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La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma. They are natural havens that offer peace and good weather. Separated by 1,400 miles from Europe, the Canary Islands enjoy a subtropical climate that makes them a safe destination to enjoy the good weather throughout the year. This is a tour of three of its islands, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera. Three natural havens where it is always spring. The following are the natural courses of the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma

Rural Tourism - On the small islands canary

Photography by greenacre8

La Gomera:

The island of La Gomera has all the incentives for those who like walking in the woods and enjoy nature without renouncing the beach.

Garajonay Park, World Heritage Site, is a veritable garden of evergreen forests from the top overlooking the entire central part of the island. In the park, visit in La Gomera, one can enjoy a cool and wet. But it is the only place. The island has the privilege to offer the traveler places like Benchijigua Integral Nature Reserve, Natural Park of Majon or Bodies Natural Monument, a cliff of volcanic rocks.

At the bottom of a huge and beautiful ravine, surrounded by palm trees and bananas, are the Valle del Gran Rey, sandy beaches bordered by blackish, like those of English and Charco del Conde. The fall drive down to Valle de Gran Rey is a privilege and the traveler explains why it was here where the whistle was invented to communicate be up to 4 miles away.

On the small islands canary

Photography by abrocke

Hermigua, northwest of the island, hidden between cliffs and surrounded by banana plantations and vineyards. The path may continue to Agulo, a little further north, to stroll through its cobbled streets, tiled houses and observe, on a clear day, Mount Teide.

San Sebastian de la Gomera is located in the east, is the capital of the island. In addition to valuable historic monuments, this peaceful town is a good starting point for day trips or to visit other islands, and from the port boats leave every day to Tenerife, La Palma and El Hierro. Moreover, San Sebastian is a good place to enjoy the black sand beaches.

The Parador de La Gomera, San Sebastián, is another recommended visit sites, an example of island architecture in the sixteenth century. This property is a good starting point to enjoy La Gomera. On clear days, from there you can see Mount Teide, a view which can be enjoyed from the pool or having a coffee in the lush garden.

El Hierro:

It is the place where time has another dimension, going slowly and calmly. El Hierro, small and manageable to tour without haste, has a pleasant climate with Atlantic winds that relieve the heat. In addition, El Hierro is a magnificent destination for scuba divers, who here can enjoy one of the best deep sea. The best place for fans of this sport is the Restinga, on the southern tip of the island.

The gateway to the island of El Hierro is Santa Maria de Valverde, the capital, a charming and hospitable town steeped in the typical Canarian architecture. About Valverde, located in the northeast of the island, you can find quiet beaches of volcanic sand and always ideal for swimming. The most recommended are the Tamaduste, and Puerto Charco Manso Stake.

Islands canary of Rural Tourism

Photography by Mataparda

One of the places you can not miss the traveler on El Hierro is the town of Guinea, one of the oldest settlements of the island. At the foot of the Risco de Tibataje, tourists can enjoy the caves and corridors that will give travelers an idea of how early settlers lived. The venue has been refurbished respecting the architecture of the houses built with stone. A curious place, right there is the Recovery Center for the Giant Lizard.

the west of the island

Photography by Mataparda

In the west of the island, from Sabina, for many more picturesque town of El Hierro, one arrives at the Sabine, where you can see the mysterious juniper, trees that are twisted in the wind and measuring about eight feet high . From there you can continue the trip to La Frontera, the westernmost point of the island and formed by the crater of a volcano. There you can enjoy a swim in the Charco Azul, two saltwater swimming pools. The Frontier is also a good starting point for approaching the Orchilla Lighthouse, where you can see wonderful sunsets.

One of the most stunning views of the island is to look at the Roque de Bonanza from the Parador, which is accessed from the port The Stake. He arrives every day a boat from the port of Los Cristianos in southern Tenerife. From the rooms of the Parador, decorated with colonial touches, you can see the ocean. It is a good time to try to guess what she thought Christopher Columbus during the nights of the 17 days he spent in El Hierro waiting for the storm to subside before starting its second trip to America.

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