Puerto Rico an island fantasy

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Ponce, Puerto Rico / La Guancha recreation area por Oquendo.

Puerto Rico is known as «The Island of Enchantment» is that here is it all from places to eat, drink, sleep and enjoy the island etc. In places where you may be very near Old San Juan, in the village and the amazing Rincón Vieques.

A boom of restaurants and bars are animated in the metropolitan coast of Puerto Rico. It is a place to reinvent the best of Caribbean food for when the traveler is tired of the traditional rice and beans, and puts more emphasis on going for a drink in the bars, which are decorated with the latest design.

In Vieques you can enjoy the best beaches and unique natural experience: swimming in a bay that glows. At the extreme west, is the famous town of Rincon, a Mediterranean villa is in the midst of a grove. And near the historic San Juan, two unique restaurants.


This small island is 13 miles east of the main island, combines luxury with outdoor activities. Travelers arriving by ferry or plane to discover some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico, design hotels and a burst of creative restaurants are beginning to compete with the metropolitan area.

On the Malecon in La Esperanza neighborhood, south of the island, the restaurant combines the Creole cuisine quenepa with exotic ingredients to make it more fun. The tuna steak, dressed in oriental sesame wakame seaweed, is mounted in a sauce that you can see in every bite how to succeed the taste of mango, ginger, citrus and wasabi. It is a space with candles and tablecloths that does not presume too much of its elegance and is very welcoming.

Vieques Marina por ] slowhands [.

The best way to explore the island is to rent a jeep, to bridge the gaps of the unpaved roads leading to the most pristine beaches, located in the South, and Blue Beach, for those seeking a secluded spot and snorkeling.

In addition, travelers can reach by kayak or boat to the famous Bioluminescent Bay, one of the few places on Earth where an organism lives harmlessly, the whirlwind of fire (Pyrodinum Bahamian), which emits light contact with another body or object. It is worth planning the trip for the new moon days, when better appreciated. It is a pleasure to dive into the water and shine like a meteor.

The Lobster por JennyVH.

San Juan:

No restaurant capital creatively reinterpreted so as Koco Caribbean cuisine in the San Juan Hotel & Casino, in the coastal town of Carolina. Its more fun snack: potato croquettes stuffed with pork with ginger and soy soaked in sweetened, but stuck on a stick as a palette of caramel.

Soft and juicy fresh scallops are distinguished as main course, thick molasses sauce, accompanied by plantains, shitake mushrooms and cereals. It is one of the few restaurants in Puerto Rico with a specialized menu of rum and has 50 of the best examples of the Caribbean.

The range of cafes and restaurants housed in the famous tourist Hotel La Concha, El Condado. It is the jewel of modern tropical architecture of the mid-twentieth century, which was reopened last March after being closed for 11 years. The first level is a large lounge that houses an adult audience, with high purchasing power.


If rincón boasts the best sunsets on the island, is also often do so with his most distinguished hotel. The Horned Dorset Primavera, in the western region has a Mediterranean villa style and is part of the luxurious Relais & Châteaux.

Each of the 39 suites has a private pool and furniture from Italy, Philippines and Morocco, which features colored fabrics, fine carved wooden doors and lamps arc Mozarabic, plus bathrooms with walls covered in marble baths and old-style legs with space for two people.

Wedding 2 por edwinvillafañe.

The management is responsible for asking for the tastes of the guests from the time of booking, to satisfy their gastronomic tastes. Here we offer a bespoke service without being intrusive. This serves snacks are created not to mention the native ingredients. Stresses the salmon mousse with caviar as an appetizer or a pork tenderloin stuffed with banana tamarind sauce as main course. Do not allow children under 12 years or using cell phones in common areas. No radios or TVs. The birds, the breeze and the sound of the waves will be your constant companions.

Bon voyage!

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