Prague: places outside the tourist routes

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The center of Prague concentrated and kept busy for most visitors for days, but if you stop going to the resorts in this city known alternatively you can go in some city breaks found in Prague, while less visited, no cease to be interesting places.


Photography by Jim Linwood

Vysehrad Castle:

We started doing a bit tricky, because ll Vysehrad Castle, the tenth century, it is a tourist attraction of the first order. What happens is that most tourists do not know. Vysehrad fortress is the oldest in the city, and is on the same side of the river Vltava and the Old City Jewish Quarter.

Vysherad areas usually more like his castle in Prague, both for its tranquility and the richness of the environment and buildings. You can get underground and across a quiet neighborhood of traditional houses. The castle is also situated in an elevated area of the city, but in this case borders on the River. The entire area is walled and has the appearance of a castle, at least on the outside.

Prague: places outside the tourist routes

Photography by lyng883

The inner zone is now a huge park, very well maintained offering wonderful views of the city and the river area. In addition to green areas Vysherad castle houses the Gothic church of St. Peter and St. Paul Slavin Cemetery, where lie the most prominent Czech culture and science, and finally some instances for exhibitions or catering premises .

But without a doubt, the most notable are the views of the river area, where you can see the magnitude of the Prague Castle on the opposite bank of the Vltava. Appears to be a little off when compared to the Prague Castle and the Old City, but with the tram and metro you can reach the city center.

Walking along the Vltava:

Prague is usually crowded with tourists, usually concentrated in the old town and the area around the Charles Bridge. If we abandon this concentration for a while, a nice option is to stroll along the Vltava river in the opposite direction to the old city. There are very nice pictures that can be captured with the camera.

Visit outside the German Embassy:

The district of Mala Strana contains most of the embassies of the city, and many buildings are in pretty picture. The most spectacular building is the German embassy, no doubt. Located at 19 Vlašská Street, has an enviable garden located in the rear, which can be seen perfectly from a distance.

Prague is usually crowded with tourists

Photography by grahamc99

The Embassy gardens contain another small treasure: gold sculpture Trabant. In the summer of 1989, thousands of East Germans camped beside the Berlin Wall fall and calling for its citizens of West Germany. What happened is history, and the wall fell. Well, the sculpture pays tribute to this moment in history, symbolized by a Trabant (model car in East Germany) with legs. His sculptor David Cerny mark a time of remembrance of that past.

Bon voyage!

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