Paradise in the Atlantic in the Corn Islands

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Corn Islands Also known as Corn Islands are two islands in the Atlantic Ocean 70 kilometers far from the coast of Nicaragua, with the surface of both of 12 km2. The largest is known as Isla Grande del Maiz and the other as the «Little Corn Island.

North Coast of Little Corn

Photography by H Dragon

Did you know that these islands are mentioned in chronicles in 1504, since the time of Christopher Columbus? It is noteworthy that these islands and the eastern half of Nicaragua, were under the flag of the United Kingdom between 1655-1894. Years later, the United States took command and according to the Bryan-Chamorro Treaty of them back after 99 years under the premise of American law but Nicaraguan sovereignty.

Paradise in the Atlantic in the Corn Islands

Photography by N3T1O™

Let’s leave history aside and get down to what really interests us: tourism. Getting here is a unique experience to meet its people of the Miskito and race with their own language. It is an ethnic group of 8,000 individuals, however although they communicate with each other in their language, you can ask them what they want as well as being nice most of them speak Spanish.

Islas de Maiz, Nicaragua

Photography by Verde562

The coast offers adventure for divers of all levels and if you forget to take your team do not worry, the island boasts stores for this sport. It does not take an expert to admire the beauty of the seabed. The Big Island has its bases from Belize reef, located 300 miles south. It also has links to the reef to Nicaragua, but has been affected by the hurricanes.

Attention travelers: There are areas where sharks are seen and the bay with his flapping fish sleepy. You’ll also find your way colorful fish, graceful and curious animals as well as the beaches themselves whether crustaceans and shellfish that live in underwater caves which can be seen nearby. Additionally we recommend you rent a boat and access to a real fish tank in only 10 minutes of diving, helped by a calm sea.

For people who have an intermediate level of diving, they can get their certificate from the Open Water Certification in only four days at a price of $ 315. The institution also offers courses and classes including night time. The outline of the island is ideal for snorkeling, an effective way to swim with little effort on the surface and in turn observe the coral settings, such as Brain Coral bluish tone or Staghorn coral, lilac.

To reach the islands can use the seaplane, which starts from the coast of Nicaragua. Tourism has grown up in this place because of its unique white sand beaches, abundant palm trees and the quality of tourist infrastructure.

Good luck!

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