Panama: beaches, diving, volcanoes and wildlife

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Pacific Ocean por Gaby Maldonado.

The tourist destination of Panama is described by many visitors as a friendly place that offers plenty of beaches and tropical rainforest full of wildlife. Bordered by Colombia and Costa Rica, Panama has two oceans along the coasts of the Caribbean Sea which is in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean its geography includes a thirty percent of the country consists of national parks and reserves natural.

Considered a popular destination for birdwatchers, the Republic of Panama served as a bridge between continents, creating a unique environment for a wide range of wildlife. So that is thinking about a trip to Panama may include in their routine inspection of many rivers, jungle treks, visits to the islands and archipelagos, water sports, as well as relax on beautiful beaches.

Currently the destination of Panama is the arrival point for many tourists from around the world, however, remains accessible to backpackers on a budget.

How to visit in Panama?

Panama offers excellent two coasts, where there are miles of white sand beaches and crystalline waters. In the Caribbean Sea and Pacific coast are just a few minutes away from major cities. So in Panama on a tourist can discover from a single reef in the world to visit each of the islands of the three islands, visiting the volcano hiking and trekking and diving trips, at all costs. It also has beaches suitable for surfing as the south coast and areas ideal for fishing, swimming or rafting.

The Archipelago of Las Perlas one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, would occupy an entire stay for tourists, with its many islands and islets, sublime beaches and beautiful waters make it look like a paradise. In turn, the Volcan Baru National Park and the interiors of the country are composed of many colonial peoples, which have a beautiful country craft. Even Panama’s tourist sight I know one of the independent Indian groups in the area of Central America, the Kuna, who live with almost total autonomy in Kuna Yala.

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In the Pacific coast, are the longest beaches in the country and upgraded. In the beautiful and peaceful paradise coast of Panama, Coronado, Gorgona, Rio Mar, El Palmar is the best accommodation cabins on the shores of the sea. The Caribbean Sea coast are warmer than the Pacific in places she can find paradise as Colon, El Porvenir and Bocas de Toro which are most representative places of the Panamanian Caribbean. Many of these beaches have resorts hotel very close to them, as well as bars and restaurants.

When to travel to Panama?

High temperatures (around 31 degrees Celsius) prevail throughout the year across the country, but lower at higher altitudes. Meanwhile, the rainy season lasts from May to November with particularly heavy rains along the Pacific coast.

The high season visit to Panama are marked by several religious festivals dominate the social agenda of Panama and attract large crowds result in higher prices for visitors. The best known of these is the celebration of Carnival, which like Carnival in Bahia is celebrated during the four days preceding Ash Wednesday. Several weeks later, during Holy Week (the period before Easter) features even more public processions to the festivities marking the event. In Kuna Yala, February is the time of the celebration of Independence Day of the Kuna indigenous people. The rest of the year is considered low season, but despite that there are good temperatures is recommended to avoid the months of May and November.

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