New York – Washington DC, or informality in buses

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To go from New York to Washington DC is an interesting offer of transport. Of course, there are planes and trains, but may seem a little expensive. So we sought buses on the Internet and found quite surprising values, with companies offering round trips for $ 35. The rate is really low, if one takes into account that a simple trip by train from the suburbs of New Jersey to New York costs $ 20 round trip. After reviewing several alternatives, you will see that you can buy tickets through Washny, which promoted its service as «Washington Deluxe.

One was from bus stops and 34 Eighth Avenue, near Penn Station, from where we got off the train. Nothing terminal, the bus stopped on the street directly. Already there were many people in line, so we ended up in the last row, next to the bathroom. The bus was not new, rather, was quite in line with what we saw in the carriage in this country, with vehicles several years old and a fairly efficient operation scheme. But long-distance buses here are not exactly the most modern in the transportation sector. Incidentally, the bus did not even have the name painted on a side, which to be honest I do not remember seeing almost anywhere I’ve visited, except for marginal routes in Bolivia and Peru. In any case, and the price paid, neither could wait much longer.

Washington DC or informality in buses

The trip took just over four hours. To our surprise, despite being a micro-old, had WiFi. All charging mechanism was rather informal. You could make Internet reservations, but they only have value in the event that the bus was full, something that happened around Washington DC. But if not complete, it goes in order of arrival. The same people is responsible for taking the bags and put in the boots, check reservations, collect and manage. A true man band.

Arriving in Washington DC also left us in a corner near Union Station train terminal in the city. On the way back we had many problems. Police had closed due to the corner where the bus because they said they had detected «suspicious activity near the Capitol. Traffic chaos, and the bus was over an hour late. We recognized from a distance because he had written a phone from New York to the side, anywhere say the name of the company. It even was a little older than the first leg, and WiFi, no news. As was filled with passengers and some were down, the driver / conductor, passenger by passenger controls. Finally, instead of leaving at 16:15, just as we did at 17:50.

So if you plan to do some traveling by bus from New York to other destinations in the United States will come to be known as the hand. They can also see the comments in the entry on public transport and travel experience in New Jersey, where you can make interesting observations.

About Washington DC, to continue in the next inning. The image that opens into the can take it on the National Mall in Washington DC, which runs from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, and has on its side at the White House.

Bon Voyage!

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