Nature Park Travel Brañagallones Vega

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The most visited place in the natural park of Networks, in Valle del Nalón of Asturias, is called Brañagallones Vega, a large meadow at the top of the mountains where many traditional huts concentrated livestock, which offers one of the landscapes the most beautiful park.

Valle del Nalón of Asturias

Photography by brunosan


From Brañagallones have the possibility of different hiking trails that run through the nearby marked peaks and bordering the province of Leon.

To reach Brañagallones Vega, located to 1,240 meters, is a country road, but with the limitation that the access is cut off to vehicles which are not authorized. Thus, visitors who want access to the brane we have basically two choices.

Nature Park Travel Brañagallones Vega

Photography by Habladorcito

From your accommodation in one of the hotels and cottages Nalón River Valley, please go to the village of Bezanes, where you find a large parking area right at the beginning of the country road that ascends to Brañagallones, which is 11 miles away.

From the car park walk up will take about two hours. The slopes are stronger in the early stages, and the second part of the route the road is more stretched. Or you can climb a mountain bike …


Download walk will take about two hours. The second alternative is an excursion in the Interpretation Center Network Natural Park in the village of Caso, or a cab 4 × 4.

In the latter case it is ATVs that you can bring together different places mountainous natural park Networks for its ability to circulate through the often rough roads.

Brañagallones Vega

Photography by espinr

In the specific case of the rise to Brañagallones, hire a taxi road is priced at 37 euros, up to four people, or 42 euros, up to eight people. If, after a short time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes low in the same taxi, you will have an added cost.

It is usual to use the ATV to climb to the brane and then, after the visit, walk down. If, however, you go up in the morning, and after a day hiking in the mountains or simply relax in the meadow, you want to share a taxi back to pick you up at a specific time, the cost will be like the other service new (37 or 42 hours).

Bon voyage!

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