Much to do in Los Angeles

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On the west coast of the United States, the mecca of the film industry has a Japanese neighborhood to discover, many offers fashion and renewal that pervades the downtown area.

Los Angeles

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Its size, scale, all the while on the highway make for many Los Angeles adopted only a pleasure. But that happens when visiting the center. Similar to New York in its density and mixture, the middle, broke a long time, has become an accessible and friendly destination for tourists in recent years. The people of this city is moving in masses, and really walk a lot.

The huge entertainment complex L.A. Live is one of the main drivers of this change, but the bars classical studies and imaginative type restaurants seem to open almost every three days are also part of this resurrection. Skid Row and heaps of homeless camps have not disappeared completely, and the sordid atmosphere continues to vary one block to another. But this part of the city is alive again, in ways that make sense even to an outsider.

Stroll the galleries:

The Downtown Art Walk, this comes as a bonanza of street party that attracts thousands of revelers on the second Thursday of each month is a robust way to experience the artistic landscape of the area. Attracted by low rents, an impressive number of galleries have taken root here, many in Chung King Road, a pedestrian alley in Chinatown adorned with lamps. For starters we have traveled in galleries: The Box (977 Chung King Road), Jancar Gallery (961 Chung King Road), Charlie James Gallery (975 Chung King Road) and Sabina Lee Gallery (971 Chung King Road. The samples are close and occasionally provocative, displaying a wide range of contemporary authors: William Powhida, Orly Cogan and others. Most galleries stay open until 6 pm on Friday, Jancar closes at 5.

Los Angeles in the artistic and cultural

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Grammy Museum:

Whether to see a Lakers game, visit the Grammy Museum or attend a concert at the Nokia Theatre, there is something appealing to do the monster sports and entertainment shows in the city. This site covers almost 11 hectares and which cost 2,500 million dollars. Just walking on the Nokia Plaza (Tokyo style) is fun, thanks to the 6,600 square feet of LED display ads. At its periphery brings together a range of restaurants and bars, but, like Times Square, many visitors simply prefer walking around this huge pedestrian zone, trying to see a little of everything.


Gorbals is one of the most fantastic dining in the center. Its owner and chef, who once won the «Top Chef» is part Scottish and part Jewish, and their hybrid concoctions are excellent. The kids meals are worth 6 to $ 16. This casual restaurant is tucked away in the lobby of the old Alexandria Hotel, a historic site eroded, but lovely, where Bogart, Chaplin and Garbo once walked its halls.

Nickel Diner:

The threads fried with maple syrup and bacon on the menu include breakfast in the new but timeless Nickel Diner, located at 524 South Main St. The rest is almost all regular food well presented, between 7 and $ 10 per plate. The remarkable thing is its location, until recently, this block was one of the most notorious Skid Row.

The Fashion District:

The Fashion District, a hundred blocks, flawlessly mixing the fine and cheap. Although many stores only sell wholesale, you can still find a wide selection of designer clothing at deep discounts, fabrics and accessories. The shops and stores cluttered streets of Ninth and Los Angeles are a good place to start (feel free to haggle). And do not miss the alley Santee Alley is the most popular, where the cheap encounters bizarre. In this chaotic outdoor bazaar vigorous vendors offer from the rooftops just how awesome (perfect handbags and spectacular) and rare (toy frogs adorned with logos of bands). If you are looking more organized an expedition to the Fashion District, Christine Silvestri, Urban Shopping Adventures, organizes excursions of three hours, tailored to their particular agenda and internal radar for the best deals, tours cost $ 36 per person, with a minimum of two.

Essential visits in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Philharmonic:

The arrival of Gustavo Dudamel at the Los Angeles Philharmonic has attracted new audiences to the symphony. Bring food for a picnic and go up the outside stairs hidden semi leads to a rooftop garden oasis with great views of the city. Most days there is free availability of guided tours and hiking options with the help of audio itself. First check the schedule, to avoid surprises.

Lazy Ox Canteen:

Since 2010, Lazy Ox Canteen in Little Tokyo, was the kind of «gastro pub» hidden people likes to insist that it is the best in town. Casual, bustling, bistro’s extensive menu features adventurous delicacies from legs and ears until crisp pork minced lamb neck. Order several dishes kids, most are between 7 and 15 dollars.

Much to do in Los Angeles

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Seven Grand:

Was Los Angeles a paradise during Prohibition, that old ban on alcohol? No need to guess, thanks to a slew of new bars decorated with retro style, which exploit the history of the city. From elegant to power plants speakeasies remodeled with chic wave all in the street Crocker Club, 453 South Spring St, these magnificent caverns decorated in stunning form. And the delicious cocktails and craft are so abundant as might be expected, mostly in the range of 9 to 14 dollars. The neat also enjoy the swanky street Seven Grand 515 West Seventh St.

Museum of Contemporary Art:

As part of that rare breed of people who have gone from owner to manager of a gallery space art, Jeffrey Deitch has shocked (and annoyed) to critics since last year took command of the estimated Museum of Contemporary Art. The collection was renewed, including works by Rothko, Oldenburg, Lichtenstein and Rauschenberg. The museum has three branches, but the center is the main street is 250 South Grand Ave.

A long walk worthwhile to know Los Angeles is within!

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