Italy: Fontana di Trevi

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Cabals and rituals of good luck dazzle travelers, lovers and students across the world. Fontana di Trevi on the show three thousand euros per day. Amazing is not it?

Fontana di Trevi

Photography by asbruff

Luck sometimes called back and requires anyone who wants to return to a city the making of more than a curious pantomime. Those who have been dazzled by the beauty of the Uffizi or the Piazza della Signoria in Florence, should be willing to touch it in public at a metal pig (the Porcellino) for the gods to hear his plea and let him return to a of the few cities that joined their fate to the Renaissance. Rome also has its own spell to guarantee the visitor a return ticket, will be here to get back to the Trevi Fountain and throw one, two or three coins.

Of course, not all travelers are content with something so simple. Let’s see, if not, what happens in Verona, Veneto City reborn in the glory of the hand of William Shakespeare in the fifteenth century. Indeed, it was not from the story of Romeo and Juliet to the beautiful medieval town at the foot of Mount Lessi became a place of pilgrimage for lovers. To Via Capello 26 come by the thousands. According to tradition, simply leave the name of one partner in a crack in the wall to assure happiness and romance.


Photography by b.roveran

What they said unless, like Venetian goldolieri repeated on couples who decide to spend, holding hands, below the legendary Bridge of Sighs. What nobody is saying that the mented sighs that gave name to the bridge were of sadness: the prisoners on their way to jail, passing under the bridge crying to see the city one last time. But since not everyone looks for luck in travel or love (the other way), there are rituals or «cabal» to attract good fortune into other areas of life.

Tests by the case. In Santiago de Compostela, college town, by definition, inside the magnificent Romanesque cathedral there is a curious figure of stone. It depicts a man kneeling and the teacher says it is Matthew, the architect of the Portico de la Gloria. To reach Matthew, on the eve of exams, all students. Just bumping one’s head against the sculpture to the wisdom (and good grades) is made present. So much so that poor Matthew nobody calls him by name. They call him «the saint of noogies.» A whimsical, to the goddess Fortuna is not who will win.

A fortune in coins:

Thousands of tourists throwing coins in the same place result, after one day, an amount close to $ 3,000. Why such fervor in the Trevi Fountain? Once again, the fate, of course. According to legend (story for another part made famous in the movie Three coins in the fountain), who put his back to the fountain and throw with his right hand a coin over your left shoulder, returned to the city.

Tourist Italy

Photography by ChrisYunker

But if you get excited and throw a second coin, when you return you will also find a love Roman. Moreover, if you throw three, in addition to return and fall in love, marry in the same city. Three promises too tempting to not end up throwing coins at close range at the foot of Neptune or given the hint.

Bon voyage!

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