How to haggle prices in Thailand

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How to haggle prices in Thailand

Race tires, especially if we come from cultures where haggling is not constant and our daily bread. To enjoy the moment and get to cope with the long Thai bargains in any market, there are a few tips, the result of practice, and of course without being an infallible mathematical formula that will help us find the best prices without imposing a bad drink.

Prices in Thailand

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In general, Thai people in their job or business door as we passed we will smile and greet us. Surely they want to choose them for our purchases or for a massage, but never coerce us, greeting and smile politely used to tell us are there and whether they need it, be happy to assist. Although at first surprise occurs, with the days get used to the compliments and just return them and enjoy the ride.

Thailand of Travel tips

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Do not get angry or shout ever. In Thai culture is a constant smile and do not understand the anger, and if in the middle of a negotiation we start screaming and will not understand his confusion will laugh even more of the nerves, causing anger in Western go increase, thinking that they are laughing at us. These reactions will increase and not come to an understanding, leading to a cultural break and a bad experience unnecessary.

Depending on the area, prices can go up to multiply by 8 or 10. In the tourist areas are more bulky than the first price given by the merchant in other places with less influx of foreigners. When we are first rate should be calculated quickly as we are willing to pay for the item or what is the price that we believe is true in Thailand and a proposal to lower to begin negotiating with that margin.

Although language is usually not a problem in tourist areas of Thailand, as the majority of Thais who work with foreigners speak English, it is a bit tricky to get used to the accent and that no misunderstandings will use a calculator to give us prices during the bargaining. We can also use us to respond to our proposal and we will ensure that everything is becoming clear.

In many places accept U.S. traders, but if we have baths, the local currency, it is always better to negotiate with it as it will allow us more room for negotiation and avoid rounding dollar will always be higher.

As for security, Thailand is a country that is characterized by insecurity and although there are pockets in Bangkok and some beach areas, one of the advantages is that while we steal, we will learn even let alone cause a confrontation direct. Two of the markets will surely marquéis in your planned visits to Bangkok, Patpong Chatuchack and are good examples of the few places in Thailand on we go with caution and have at all times control of our belongings.

How to haggle prices in Thailand

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Chatuchack, being extremely large and hold hundreds of jobs and also many foreign and native visitors who come to shop. Despite police surveillance, the agglomeration facilitates the work of the cunning and skilful pickpockets.

In Patpong, the market is characterized by its amplitude, but dozens of stalls in a street crowded with goods on both sides of the road and encourages the concentration of people very close to each other, facilitating the work of thieves. This market other samples with a wider imitation and native of Thailand, you will find watches, handbags, t-shirts from brands such as Rolex, Prada or Nike.

You enjoy your trip and if you have other tips to add, go!

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