How to haggle prices in Morocco

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How to haggle prices in Morocco

Haggling is an art, so that some cultures are more entrenched than others, in some countries it is easier to buy a product than in other astronomical prices they are asking for a decorative article may not be able to locate anywhere in your home or You can only give to more distant relative. For this reason prior to travel is interesting to know how to trade in the country you are visiting, to learn what practices have before buying anything and how the game of haggling and negotiations to not be any shock or even be little respect vendors.

How to haggle prices in Morocco

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Tips on ordering discount on purchases:

If you are interested in purchasing any product, you can let yourself be seduced by the Moroccan shopkeepers, listen, let you display the products, but do not ask prices. Basically do not waste time if the sellers are not going to buy anything because they get very angry and understand that if you ask the price you buy. When you come to enter the store, with a simple answer that you are not interested at all, the sellers will stroll through the store will not bother you, but some will try to convince.

If you want to buy something, find out about the price that this product is in neighborhood stores, in order to bargain a price. In Morocco, home prices typically are not exaggerated compared to other countries like China or Vietnam, but possibly can for the same purpose for less than half (at least) if you can get on with the seller.

Buying in Morocco

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Buying in Morocco:

There will be a moment, if you buy more than one product where the seller will tell you that first receives all the products you want and then negotiate. We suggest you not give this feeling initially, but the principle to negotiate individually the products. Once you have a couple of prices, meets the rest of things and from calls negotiated prices even lower price.

Normally, if you ask for a much cheaper price than the seller and do not accept your price, the seller will be angry and will drive saying it can not further lower the price, if you think you can get cheaper insists think this is a game. If the seller then tries to change someone else’s product you get is that you can get for a price similar to what you have said. On the other hand if he goes and attends to other buyers, it’s probably best to go to see other prices, sure you can get cheaper.

Morocco thinks not only bargain products in the souks and bazaars, but also on field trips or visits, unless they are official or museum and have the price markup (such as à la carte). If a guide is illegal to bring a product to the maximum bargain price if you accept it eventually. Try to negotiate, for example in restaurants Djema-el-Fna in Marrakech, there in addition to sing all songs in your region offers that you will need to remember when you bring the account of the dinner (which is very expensive) . Review While the account and if you’ve been offered deals, Demand that!.

The bazaars in Morocco

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Be careful in places frequented by tourists which is harder to obtain lower prices. If you purchase a route through Morocco in the less touristic places where you can get better prices and negotiations will be more enjoyable.

If you can be accompanied by a local you should be able to obtain lower prices, but prices never leave in the hands of others.

Have some experience racing in a Moroccan souk? Share your experiences!

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