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A tourist trip through Asturias not be understood without tasting the excellent and often compelling cuisine. And specifically, if you visit the Valley of Nalón from the area’s industrial heritage Langreo up the mountain landscapes of the natural park of networks, you will have the chance to try the most popular delicacies Asturias.

Food in asturias

Photography by Toprural

Here I will detail the main dishes you’ll find among the gastronomic Nalón Valley, which I had the opportunity to try on my recent trip to the region of Asturias.

A classic dish and a must for any trip to Asturias. A key point of a good Asturian bean stew are its large, tasty beans. On the strength of this dish, since it is accompanied by meat (sausage, chorizo, ham and bacon), it should take it as a single dish, after a snack, for example, Asturian cheese.

Asturian Pot Nalón Valley in Asturias. This is another classic Asturian gastronomy, but it is not so easy to find where taste, compared to what happens with the popular pork. The Asturian stew is somewhat like the stew, it also incorporates the large beans and meat (sausage, chorizo, ham). However, the presence of cabbage, vegetables that characterizes this culinary specialty of Asturias, and potatoes reduces its forcefulness. What does not preclude also be taken as a single dish … to repeat.

Roast kid with potatoes Nalón Valley in Asturias: It is a common specialty to enjoy in the Valley of Nalón. If you have not abused in the recess with a big bowl of stew or pot Spaniard, you get to try the roast kid, accompanied by potatoes and peppers.

Skewer prawns anglerfish and Nalón Valley in Asturias: Asturias Another specialty you can prove in the Valley is Nalón anglerfish and shrimp brochette. They may not know is that the anglerfish anglerfish, and this dish becomes a tasty complement to a good stew or pot.

Asturian cheeses: Saying Asturias is cheese. In Asturias find an amazing variety of cheeses from cow, sheep and goats, so ask when you must choose a tasting of several types of cheese. In the Valley of the protagonist is Nalón cheese Casino, a native of this region, but it comes very well with other varieties, such as the famous Cabrales, Afuega’l Gamonedo and Pitu.

Food in the Valley of Nalon

Photography by jlastras

Apple pancake stuffed Nalón Valley in Asturias: Among the sweets in addition to the more classic, burnt rice pudding, you can taste the crepe filled with applesauce. This specialty is also typical of Galicia, but the presence of the block gives a touch of Asturias.

Cider: And to drink, of course, do not miss the well-drawn cider …

Food in the Valley

Photography by zordor


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