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We timee our departure from Esquel to coincide with that of the old Patagonian Express ("la Trochita") by Rick Price.

Trips to Patagonia are an unforgettable experience in Argentina. For this region is the first thing to learn the routes, the region is large so that, ideally, know part on each trip we make, well today we present the adventure travel to Patagonia.

Esquel Tours:

In Patagonia, it can get cold at night and on horseback is impossible not to feel it. They are four hours through mountain corridors, dodging branches, lit by the moon. The climax is when the lights of Esquel, at the foot of the hill are. It is time to deliver because we know we’ve reached that destination.

The night rides are only part of the adventure that this city offers. Another surprising activity in the area takes place in the Parque Nacional Los Alerces, 45 kilometers from the city. The proposal is to reach the glacier Torrecillas, on a journey that begins in boat by the lake Menendez and ends in a walk of medium difficulty to an emerald lake at the foot of the large block of ice. It costs about $ 250.

For tracking, this is a bit of action (there are rocks to climb, for example), hiking at Natural Area Standing Stone (whose chief attraction is a volcanic rock 210 meters high.

There is also rafting in the area, which takes place in the Corcovado River. Family and other options are more difficult. In addition, you can make inflatable kayak trips and cruise. To qualify, you have to paddle.

A national event is the National Meeting of kayakers Nahuel Huapi. This meeting will be held in February. Athletes must be able to paddle in lake conditions with wind waves and important, namely minimally roll techniques and self-rescue, and work swiftly in the help of colleagues.

Esquel Tours of Patagonia

The maximum is one hundred participants, and each must have its kayaking, among other essential equipment.

Explore the Lake Nahuel Huapi:

Navigation on ecologically sailing is an activity that trains people. You have to imagine the frame mountain, lake and silence. The idea is to enjoy them in small groups in a fun and informal. Those over 10 years can steer the boat. The duration of the tours is two hours to three days. In the latter case, passengers can spend two nights on board (should carry sleeping bag) or do at the Hosteria Isla Victoria.

Activity that trains people

They tend to visit traditional destinations such as the Forest of the Lions, as well as bays and beaches. It costs $ 200 per hour of navigation, beyond the number of passengers (from 1 to 5).

Navigate from Bariloche:

A good option is to sail on Lake Nahuel Huapi from Bariloche, and also learning to steer. The marina is at Km 17 Bustillo. The tour is approximately three hours, no experience is necessary and is a J24 sailboat for up to 5 people. It costs $ 150 per person.

Sea lions can be heavy water outside, but inside are super nice agility. Divers looking for them down the coast of Puerto Madryn and the surrounding area, especially in Punta Lomas, who has a permanent colony.

Madryn is considered the national capital of diving, but has other options for active holidays, such as mountain biking, the beaches and cliffs, kayaking and trekking.

buceo41 by Nandos.

From Punta Lomas, 17 km from Madryn, divers usually descend to know, in addition to wolves, the interior of sunken ships. You can also see these large mammals from a kayak. Or get to Punta Lomas bike as part of a tour or in person.

To learn more about Peninsula Valdes, the agencies provide shipments with multiple activities. You can take a hike in the Bay Provincial Marine Park San Jose, three days. Alternatively, kayak expedition, 72 hours in total, with camping by the sea.

In the place they rent kayaks in places like the School of Na Praia Mar, which also offers classes in rowing and windsurfing.

Tours in Patagonia

The tours in Patagonia are waiting…

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