End of year tours in Germany

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Many are tourists who like to make year-end tourism in Europe, so by the uniqueness of their environment, celebration or way to celebrate the holidays this year. Here we present a proposal to take into account the German nation.

End of year tours in Germany

Photography by roger4336


Heidelberg may be one of our first stops and is one of the most beautiful in the middle of Germany, where the historic center is dominated by an impressive bridge and interesting tour of the philosophers to capture photos of the valley where he was the former Heidelberg and where there is now the Old Town and the University.

Heidelberg Christmas market:

As for the Christmas market, the entire old part of Heidelberg has small squares are filled with stalls of traditional Christmas market in Germany. The glüwhein can be found in every place and in it you can taste typical local food. It is also interesting to visit the cathedral and antique stores that sell Christmas with giant Christmas trees inside.

Where to stay in Heidelberg:

There is a recommended hotel is on the outskirts of Heidelberg, this is the hotel Garni Kurpfalzhof where it is necessary to have a car to get close to the city. However, the room was very comfortable, very friendly owners and very good breakfast.


Although not a city in Germany, the road between Heidelberg and Black Forest one can divert to the French city of Strasbourg, which did not disappoint us in our walk of more than 3 hours through the streets, Christmas markets, channels and its impressive cathedral.

the road between Heidelberg

Photography by uLe @ Dortmund


Upon arrival in Freiburg, you can go to dinner at one of the Christmas markets to go for a steak sandwiches and hot German sausages and a glüwhein in the cold night that lies ahead in Freiburg. Their market is very animated, but its streets deserted.


Triberg is a famous ski area between runways and cuckoo clocks. In Triberg can visit a beautiful waterfall that is completely snow at the entrance of the village and walk through the snowy streets with dozens of shops selling cuckoo clocks, typical figures of Germany, among other things.

Tours in Germany

Photography by vladislav.bezrukov

Triberg Waterfalls:

To access the Triberg waterfall is not paid, but at other times of year you can afford. In it the place had a lot of snow and it was almost inaccessible and that no entry fee. This is a place that if you come to reach Triberg not to be missed.


From Füssen, you can reach in Bavaria near the border with Austria. The place is very beautiful historic center and pedestrian with some snow, local clothing stores, hat stores and many traditional Christmas decorations on the Christmas markets. Fussen Christmas market.

Time to eat:

Pause for lunch, we have to go to a typical German restaurant where we can eat some pork dishes and where we can discover the fabulous dish of spaetzle, and more particularly Käsespätzle cheese, a pasta with onions and cheese Emmental, among other ingredients.

Neuschwanstein Castle:

The goal of going to Füssen was none other than to visit the castle of Neuschwanstein. Thus, from Füssen stands the imposing castle magic of Bavaria. We parked in the parking lot of the castle and there is no other option and up to buy tickets only for the castle of Neuschwanstein and not also visit Hohenschwangau Castle which is very close to Neuschwanstein. Choose to climb way up the elegant horse-drawn carriage, as it is a fairy tale castle is no better way to raise the cost of a little over a mile to drive horses, yes, shared with more than half a dozen tourists who would not get tired during the ascent.

The castle of Neuschwanstein

Photography by Her Own Journey

The visit inside the castle of Neuschwanstein is always guided and you stand in line to get in and get your turn. Inside, the castle built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as the Mad King is amazing. Rooms with Wagnerian references as the throne room, the room of the cave singers are a treat for visitors.

Lindau Bodensee:

Early in the afternoon we reached the beautiful Lindau in Bavaria in Germany. Bodensee Lindau is an island city in front of Lake Constance on the border with Switzerland. From Lindau you can see the majestic Swiss Alps at the very end of Lake Constance. Being the first time I saw the «near» the Alps was very impressed.

Streets of Lindau at Christmas:

By Lindau ideal if these at Christmas is to walk around its historic center, parking the car in a parking very central. As the first afternoon, not much atmosphere in the markets. Do not miss to see the town hall. Behind the hall is a cheese shop of spectacular. If you go past the lake and the port is not lost Mangenturm know the tower.


In their journey to reach Munich, the ideal is to stay at a downtown hotel in the city, as this will leave us near tourist attractions. Where for example you can go to the center of Munich and experience the whole view from the balcony of Marienplatz, from there you can see that Christmas songs are sung while people also runs the beautiful Christmas market in Munich. In the course in this city, you can not miss having dinner at the old tavern, which was once a brewery, Weisses Brauhaus. In this tavern near the Marienplatz square you can eat typical German food but also try the delicious German wheat beer.

Other options in Munich are its parks, museums and a multitude of streets that is in the historic center that are worth a stroll.

Esslingen Am Neckar

The town of Esslingen Am Neckar, possibly has one of the most exciting Christmas markets of Germany, a medieval market, with characters who seem to have traveled in a time tunnel to serve food, do shows and sell furs.


One visit can be done also in Tübingen Christmas market in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which has a very interesting chocolate market, which of course we could try. At this point you can not miss seeing the Tubingen Castle and see the fantastic old houses as had originally been built. In Tubingen you can dine in a restaurant, serving traditional food preference in the area of Baden-Württemberg, highly recommended.

Tourist attractions

Photography by GAP089

This long trip to Germany deserves a long break and nothing like this to be descanzando front of the computer watching the blog post www.villadeayora.com

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