Dominican Republic Tours

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Today we will have a virtual tour of the Dominican Republic to learn more about the delights offered here. This destination is synonymous with beaches but there is more, so follow us to explore the charms that this Caribbean island has to offer.

Dominican Republic Tours

Photography by Ed Yourdon

Well start with Punta Cana, is the area that appears full of chain hotels and luxury high attractive to all sorts of people, from children to adults. A much sought after family destination is the Manati Park, a place where you can see Caribbean marine life without the simplest form in the vicinity of this theme park you will see both dolphins, colorful fish and manatees those that give area its name.

You can also make an excursion named as Cueva Fun Fun, which you will know a group of caves of great importance, which will make you feel like you’re back to the stone age. This is all a tour which gives you a nature walk to Punta Cana to reach the caves, a place where everything changes to take you to a typical little adventure in the life of every person.

Tour of the Dominican Republic

Photography by Peter Shanks

Another alternative is to be visiting Samana Island, a place full of natural beauty where the main attraction is the chance to meet humpback whales, the most impressive comes if they see a jump arching body above the sea. To reach this target requires a boat ride, this is appellant to visit other small islands.

First, the most visited destination in the Dominican Republic, while the most popular, it becomes Punta Cana, located just east of the country. If you are looking for a place with perfect beaches where they go with the peace of mind this is one of your first options to consider, apart from that is that the large number of hotels that surround the area and the high number of destinations and activities to know what an alternative becomes for family vacation. In the event that you like adventure away from areas known to tourists a large number of mangroves, caves and pristine beaches where you can enjoy nature at its finest Caribbean.

To know the historical side of the country must go through the capital, Santo Domingo, holding the title «the first city in the new world.» Despite being a city can find a great number of events such as festivals and carnivals also traded center, entertainment and restaurants, why it is often taken as a city of great nightlife. Another city that is indicative of the Latin classic charm of the Dominican Republic comes grabs Juan Dolio, first-class resort in many cases this will be something overlooked by foreign tourists, is an alternative especially if you are looking for peace of mind.

Finally it gives a place like Bayahibe name, a place where many couples often choose to be the place where a wedding unique in its class.

Destination in the Dominican Republic

Photography by milesgehm

Dominican Republic in your heart!

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