Croatia: «The land of a thousand islands»

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If you’re planning a vacation this summer stick, and would like something more exotic than Marbella and Alicante but you have no budget for the Caribbean, I offer a different option, Croatia. Still quite unknown to mass tourism, little by little, this place is becoming a big outdoor environment, in all there are not many tourists, but of course depends on where you go, in terms of price (it’s all super- cheap) and has a nature and so many places that man has not touched yet.


Photography by Gruenemann

Some previous advice:

If you go to the website of the airline Ryanair, have a look, you may find very cheap flights but try to avoid returning to the line of Easyjet, because it is a bit more expensive, good clear it if you have a limited budget.

First, if you go to the beach-oriented tourism, then buy yourself water sandals. The beaches are rocks, boulders, small, pointy, flat glass, ugly, pretty…. Ie buy essential sandals to avoid foot pain. Because there are many pebbles on the shore, it might be best to bring a beach mat to avoid the stones that are on the shore.

The land of a thousand islands of Croatia

Photography by premus

Note that in September, the sun in Croatia hits hard. To do so carries a sunscreen. I recommend taking it as far as price is more expensive here. No need to bring booked accommodation … (While recognizing that you will always feel better if you take it). And speaking of property, another thing you should do when you go shopping is haggling over the price. When you get to one of the many islands found on the Croatian coast, just to get off the boat or bus if you go by land, you’ll see a huge herd of people with signs that will address for you to stay at home (paying, of course).

Usually, these prices range between 10 and 15 euros a night, usually the apartments are great, they have their own kitchen, bed and decent bathroom. But know that if you travel by bus from one city to another over long distances, climb on the bus and the first, it is because you can get past and go stand in the path.

Aspects of travel:

Apart from these small lessons route through Croatia is wonderful. It can pass through places such as Pula, Zadar, Petrcane, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula and Split. Any and all are different from each other, precious or cheap (less Dubrovnik and Hvar) and full of color, life and things to do. The water is crystal clear and with a great set temperature on the beach. It is advisable to wear glasses. You should also know that here the sky is blue, there are both rural old people, but all pretty traditional, as well as old buildings, forts, caves hidden, people are super friendly and the food, Mediterranean, fresh and delicious.

the Croatian coast

Photography by vidonjac

Finally, it is advisable to rent a car, we all know that in summer, and in a place you do not know, does a problem have to wait for the bus, look for the stop, knowing where you need to download etc. There are many car hire locations located throughout Croatia … in fact you can rent one at each and every one of the airports.

You enjoy your trip!

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